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Best Edibles For Female Arousal – Top 15 In 2021


Best Edibles For Female Arousal In 2021

Get hot and steamy with the 15 best edibles for female arousal. It’s totally legit to want to turn up the heat in the bedroom with a little help from delta-8. If you’re looking for the best edibles for sex, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find a variety of different sweet treats on this list, along with how to experience sex on edibles

If you’ve never consumed edibles before, you can get them in the shape of brownies, cookies, gummies, mints, and so much more. They’re a playful and effective way to get delta-8 and other phytocannabinoids into your system. And some of the best parts are how much fun you can have with them within a group, as a couple, or even by yourself — things can always get steamy solo if that’s what you want to do. No judgment here. 

Why do people consume edibles for arousal? Because a person may feel more at ease, playful, and “in the mood.” If you’ve had a stressful day and are struggling to unwind or stop the constant thoughts circulating in your mind, give these best edibles for female arousal a try. 

Now let’s take a look at how to use the best edibles for sex. In the next section, we’ll discuss the best strains for female arousal, how it works in the body, and then on to the 15 best edibles for female arousal

Delta-8 Edibles For Arousal And How They Work

For those who are curious how delta-8 works in the body to create arousal, we’ve got answers. When you consume delta-8, it increases blood flow to particular areas and opens up blood vessels — and that’s because cannabis is a vasodilator that dilates these blood cells. Dilated blood vessels and increased blood flow mean a potentially more intense and enjoyable orgasm for women. 

The best edibles for female arousal also encourage a state of relaxation, playfulness, and ease that isn’t always possible without a little extra support from hemp and delta-8 products. 

If you’re curious about the best strains for female arousal, it’s worth experimenting and documenting how you feel after trying different ones a few times. Some strains may be more uplifting, typically associated with Sativas or hybrids, although Indicas can still offer an uplifting experience. Other strains might encourage snuggling up to watch a movie which might lead to other things later on. As the high climbs, so does libido. 

When considering the best strains for female arousal, it’s worth noting that different types of hemp might also produce various effects. For instance, some consumers may prefer CBD, delta-9 THC, or delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol depending on what kind of high they want (if any at all) and what is legal in their state. 

If you want a little more information based on anecdotal experience, we’ve got you. 

  • CBD may offer a great topical lubricant or body experience, although you won’t feel high. 
  • Delta-9, like delta-8, produces a noticeable high. But unlike delta-8, the high can be quite intense, leaving a person couch-locked instead of ready to play. 
  • Delta-8 offers the perfect blend of the two. You get to experience the calming effects while also enjoying the high without it climbing into discomfort. 

Many of the best edibles for female arousal that you’ll find below are delta-8 because it’s a fan favorite thanks to its smoother and longer high. It’s legal in most states and comes in some tasty and effective delivery methods. 

15 Best Edibles For Sex

Now on to the good stuff — the 15 best edibles for female arousal. All this talk about sex makes this next section all the more exciting because you can actually try these out for yourself. Sex on edibles is super fun, and every product on this list is of the highest quality, third-party lab tested, and will get you ready to ride… the wave of the high, that is. 

One of the best edibles for female arousal is number one on this list, Delta North Delta-8 Gummies. 

1. Delta North Delta-8 Gummies 

If you want to float away with desires and bodies, Delta North Delta-8 Gummies are going to treat you right. These are some of the best edibles for sex because they are some of the highest quality delta-8 gummies money can buy. They’ve been extensively taste-tested and are also third-party lab tested to ensure they only have the ingredients you want inside. 

Pop one of these mouthwatering delta-8 gummies in your mouth and allow it to wash away all of your worries from the day so you can focus on the relationships and experiences that bring you joy and relief. Buy delta-8 gummies from Delta North right on their website. You won’t regret it the next day. 

2. Peak Extracts Sour Space Candy Hemp Chocolate Bar 

Peak Extracts Sour Space Candy Hemp Chocolate Bar is delicious and full of an amazing extract from an incredible hemp farm — East Fork Cultivars. Why are they the best? Because, since their inception, they’ve been committed to USDA-organic certified processes. Sour Space Candy is an energizing strain that can boost sexual drive and is one of the best edibles for female arousal

3. Sensuali Tea Cannabis Tea

Never thought you’d be drinking your way to a more desirous experience? Sensuali Tea offers some of the best edibles for sex in a unique way. You’ll tickle your tastebuds with Hibiscus, Cardamom Rose, and some delta-9 THC. Of course, delta-9 can’t be sold across state lines because it’s illegal on a federal level if it’s above 0.3% on a dry weight basis, so you’ll need to find a retailer in a legal state that sells it. If you can, it’s worth the effort to get your hands on this tea formulated to amp up the passion and play in your life. Set the mood and get high with edibles for tea lovers. 

4. Recreate Pride CBD + THC Gummies

If you need some of that rainbow in your life, Recreate Pride Gummies are the powerhouse combination for you and your sex life. Combining CBD and delta-9 THC will offer the best sex on edibles. Due to the THC content and legality, you can find these gummies at a dispensary near you if you live in a legal state. Enjoy the Entourage Effect of these gummies and recreate in a state of bliss. 

5. Urb Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bar 

Yum, yum. Who doesn’t love a delta-8 chocolate bar? Urb Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bars are delicious and come in a ton of flavors — dark chocolate, cookies ‘n’ cream, milk chocolate, and rainbow rocks, anyone? Amp up the romance with mood-boosting ingredients like dark chocolate, and enjoy a silky smooth experience in your mouth and possibly between the sheets. These chocolate edibles for arousal are not to be missed. 

6. 1906 Love Chocolate Gems

Add a little love to your life with these geometric-shaped 1906 Love Chocolate Gems. Increase blood flow to all the right areas while experiencing a THC and CBD blend combined with some love-enhancing herbs like Damiana, Ashwagandha, Muira Puama, Catuaba, and Theobromine. The best edibles for female arousal incorporate the highest quality ingredients with expertise and research into how a woman’s body and mind function. Due to the THC content, you’ll need to find these little gems at a retailer in your state. 

7. Fruit Slabs CBD OG Mango

Are you looking for the OG in getting hot and high? These Mango Fruits Slabs will get you ready for some sexy time in a playful way — think fruit roll-ups or dried mango. These fruit leathers are powerful and calming, all at once. Every slab contains 100 mg of CBD, so you can continue to nom on the same one for some time or take a higher amount if you want to have a chilled-out bedroom experience. 

8. Kiva Cannabis-Infused Espresso Beans

Do you want to pump up the volume in the morning or perhaps pull an all-nighter? These Kiva Cannabis-Infused Espresso Beans are sure to get you up and running in all the right ways. Enjoy some sex on edibles with these delta-9 espresso beans that combine the joy of chocolate and the energy of espresso. Your day and night just got a whole lot longer. 

9. Potli Hemp Infused Olive Oil 

Is your mouth watering? Because ours are. There’s nothing quite as romantic as a night in with your love, cooking a meal together, and infusing all of your food with this delicious Potli Hemp Infused Olive Oil. You can drizzle it over your favorite salad, eat it right off the spoon, or maybe lick it off your partner. You do you. This is one of the best strains for female arousal. Just remember to turn up the heat in your bedroom and not with this olive oil to preserve the phytocannabinoids. 

10. Gron CBD Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt 

Dark chocolate is said to be an aphrodisiac, and you can test that out with a delicious Gron CBD Dark Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt. With a smooth texture, unbeatable ingredients, and the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD extract, you’ll experience the positive effects of CBD and the rush of endorphins as you hit the sack. If you live in a legal state, you can find these in a 1:1 mix with CBD and THC for an even more elevated experience. 

11. 3CHI Delta-8 Cereal Treats 

Who doesn’t love a rice cereal treat? Add in some marshmallows and a healthy amount of delta-8, and you’ve got an uplifting, relaxing, and exciting experience ahead of you with these 3CHI Delta-8 Cereal Treats. Delta-8 is one phytocannabinoid infused into many different tasty treats that create some of the best edibles for female arousal. Tear the bar apart and enjoy it with a lover. You’ll be giggling and enjoying the experience before you know it. 

12. Diamond CBD Chill Delta-8 Lollipop 

Won’t you lick these delta-8 lollipops? You might if you knew that you were going to experience sex on edibles in a whole new way. What a simple way to enjoy some candy and delta-8 simultaneously in a fun delivery method. If you’re ready to swap some spit, you and your lover can take turns licking the sucker until you’re feeling a sense of intimacy and euphoria with this Diamond CBD Chill Delta-8 Lollipop

13. Wyld CBD Sparkling Water Variety Pack

It’s time to get Wyld with some Wyld CBD Sparkling Waters. You’ll feel bubbly, uplifted, and ready to mingle with long-time lovers and new partners alike. Wyld is committed to the highest standards of quality and efficacy. With CBD, you won’t experience the high like you will with a delta-8 product, which could be a drawback for some. If CBD is your jam, this is an excellent delivery method that also boosts libido. 

14. Mr. Moxey’s Artisan CBD Relief Mints 

If you’ve struggled to get in the mood because of aches and pains, or maybe just excess stress, you’ll want to pop a Mr. Moxey’s Artisan CBD Relief Mint in your mouth. It’s easy to let go and let loose when you’re trying to feel your body. Edibles for arousal are the way to go, offering a boost in energy, a lessening of your pain points, and a sense of contentment that helps you let your guard down so you can find a little love in your life. The best part, you’ll have fresh breath when it’s time to get tongue-tied. 

15. Snapdragon Hemp Delta-8 Brownie Bites 

If you’re in the mood for a high that satisfies both your munchy and sexual cravings at the same time, try these adorable and delicious Snapdragon Hemp Delta-8 Brownie Bites. The best strains for female arousal are definitely the ones that include chocolate. You’ll feel the smooth climb towards a high that is both powerful and gentle at the same time without any hefty side effects like couchlock. 

The Takeaway

The best edibles for female arousal are the ones that actually work. How do you know if they work? You test them out. You can find delta-8 gummies for sale and other types of edibles for sex on their respective websites or in retailers in your city. We know where you should stop first, and that’s Delta North. You’ll experience a delta-8 high like no other. Once you try these gummies, you’ll always reach for them when it’s time to snuggle up under the blankets. 

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