Writer-director-composer Roland Tec tackles the touchy subject of gay narcissism in this adaptation of his stage play, A Better Boy. The film’s antihero Chris (John-Michael Lander), a gym-bodied Boston lawyer, flits from pickup to pickup until he settles down temporarily with Stewart (David Vincent), a sweetie-pie country mouse. When Chris starts playing the field again, he loses Stewart–and feels the loss deeply–and gets his comeuppance from an embittered old flame. This cautionary tale is curiously schizoid. The climactic scene is memorably intense, as are the brief sequences in which Chris delivers wrenching monologues directly to camera. But the rest of the film–repetitious visits to Boston’s queer haunts with concomitant bitchery, endless shots of Chris grooming himself, dull subplots leading nowhere–is riddled with clichés and boneheaded