In & Out


horizontals verticals
architecture interior decoration
Mediterranean New England
stucco jute
books magazines
hospital and laboratory decor military-industrial decor
the tropical the topical
the matte and the iridescent depth and three-dimensionality
white- and black-magic paraphernalia ski and hunting lodge gear
eau de toilette liquid soap
window treatment color coordination
hierarchy clutter
mezzalunas food processors
cocktail napkins folk art
room temperature ice
dropping in reservations
wallpaper weddings
tea salad
butter knives period taste
curvy, nonsupporting walls fashion-designer home furnishing lines
circular Roman bathtubs conversation nooks
claustrophobia agoraphobia
dogs TV
low tables and ottomans futons and hard, flat modular couches
cut flowers wood
views and breeze trompe l’oeil
pillows stone
hotels homes
hush din

One of four articles in our Shelter Supplement.