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Reefer Madness | Village Voice


Reefer Madness


There is another political party making waves this November, if the size of the crowd that met gubernatorial candidate Tom Leighton last Wednesday at the Jan Hus Church on East 74th Street is any indication. The Marijuana Reform Party may sound like a joke, but the civil liberties that they are so passionate about have begun to erode for everyone–from the merchant marine whose failed drug test cost him his job (he was taking hempseed oil for arthritis) to the bicyclist who spent 24 hours in jail for not having a bell.

“It’s a choice of a Saturday night joint or our jobs,” said Leighton emphatically, and in a city where almost a million people light up regularly, a vote for the Marijuana Reform Party, which needs 50,000 votes to stay on the ballot, may be the most important in this election.

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