Hard Core Logo


This Canadian import is a mockumentary peculiarly
devoid of mockery; it’s hard, in fact, to recall a film so seriously fawning before so featherweight a subject. An unseen chronicler dogs a reunion tour of the titular band, conveniently there for every tussle between singer Joe Dick and songwriter-guitarist Billy Tallent (the names presumably
forming a dichotomous pair). There’s fertile ground for punk fury, but Noel S. Baker’s script would much rather ladle on wink-wink homoeroticism, and director Bruce McDonald soon all but abandons the format: Let this stand as the first
docu-styled enterprise to
attempt a garish acid sequence.

Schaun Tozer’s original songs (“Rock’n’roll is fat and ugly!”) passably approximate old-school punk. But dressed up as it is in St. Mark’s bric-a-brac, Hard Core Logo is
essentially an earnest male weepie about friendships, and its backstage minutiae aren’t all that different from, say, That Thing You Do. By the time the film reaches its “tragic”
ending— humorlessly swiped from Man Bites Dog— it has demonstrated neither dick nor talent.