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Open Call: Just over a week ago, the usual cluster of geeks found on, the premier site of the technologically obsessed, sounded off wildly on the anthology Open Sources: Voices From the Open Source Revolution. The buzz sparked a buying frenzy that pushed the book to number 12 on’s list for that day (February 19), two places ahead of Michael Jordan: Playing for Keeps. The collection of essays, which hit shelves a few weeks ago, includes screeds by inventors of open-sourced software such as Larry Wall of Perl and Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux.

Pinch Me, I Must Be Boiling: “A special event for members of the media… and other important crustaceans,” read the front of the two-dimensional lobster invite (complete with legs and antennae) for’s March 2 festivities in Boston. As if the comparision to crabs and wood lice wasn’t insulting— and random— enough, the bash feted the hatching of some new software that supposedly blah, blah you still reading this? instills “revolutionary power, control, and flexibility.” Just like a lobster in a pot, right?

Free Vertigo: New-media arts initiative Thundergulch is hunting for artists to fill studio spaces in— get this— the World Trade Center. For five months, artists have 24/7 access to studios on the 47th or 91st floors. Thundergulch director Kathy Brew emphasizes that the spaces are more for artistic play than high-end production. (The sites aren’t heavily wired or set up with machines.) Deadline is March 19. Call Thundergulch for more info: 212-432-0900.

Greasy Palms: Get your paws on 3Com’s newest handjobs— the slinky Palm IIIx and the Palm V— at a cozy show ‘n’ tell, organized by the city’s Palm Pilot Users Group ( The folks from 3Com will do the Vanna act and keep you from walking off with the merchandise. Raffle and refreshments to be had Tuesday at RCS Computer Experience 1230 6th Avenue at 48th Street. Check the site.

Crescendo: You won’t necessarily have fun watching the 12-person panel discussions at the NY Music & Internet Expo, but you should pay attention— one of these companies just might be the next Microsoft of music. With the MP3 standard overtaking the industry, everybody from, Michael Dorf of the Knitting Factory, Michael Robertson from, and of course, Chuck D will be on hand to give a vote of confidence. March 6 and 7 at the New Yorker Hotel ballroom. More at

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