A Midsummer Night’s Dream


The lights dim and a swarm of latecomers rush to seat themselves. The conductor
enters the pit, the music starts, the curtain rises, and two guys in doublets and black pants fight with swords while a queen drinks from a poisoned cup and . . . hey, this isn’t Midsummer!

But this peculiar prologue— which reveals itself as the finale of the new hit musical Dane!— opens Moonwork
Theater Company’s infectious production of Shakespeare’s comedy. Director Gregory Wolfe has set the action inside the playhouse on Dane!‘s opening night. The court are now the backers and patrons, the rude mechanicals become the stage crew, and the fairies are the ghosts and gremlins that haunt any reputable theater.

This innovation delights, and Wolfe keeps the pacing fast, the staging deft, and the satire gentle. Pyramus and Thisbe is staged as a musical (and it works!) as do the
Follies-style production numbers. A real dream.

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