Just a Little Harmless Sex


Just in time for Hugh Grant’s second coming, a film arrives whose pivotal incident entails
a hooker, a front-seat blowjob, and a police bust. Instead of consignment to emasculated docility in movie hell with Julia Roberts, however, transgressor Alan receives more-customary punishment: recent wife Laura just boots him out (though she does get one Anna Scott moment of her own—in a snit that shrieks of Mommie Dearest, Laura scissors Alan’s head out of their wedding photos). Laura then tosses back some margaritas with the girls (orgasm-challenged Terrianne, exotic dancer–wannabe Allison) and hits the town. Groveling Alan follows with pals in tow (serial dater Brent, ex-girlfriend-hater Danny). This death march ends at the chillingly Roxbury-like HiJinx club, where zany antics play out like a bad episode of Friends set at Melrose Place. Mitigating factor: for the leonine pizza boy pursuing Allison, the filmmakers have excavated Nuno Bettencourt, late of Extreme and as fetching as he was in his “More Than Words” heyday. His performance mainly consists of tossing his long black hair like he just don’t care.

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