My Life So Far


The life in question is that of 10-year-old Fraser, an inquisitive boy who lives in the Scottish highlands with his saintly
mother (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and inventor father (Colin Firth), who, as Fraser
begins to realize, is equal parts lout and loon. The facade is broken by the arrival of Heloise (Irene Jacob), a beautiful French apparition. We watch through Fraser’s eyes Dad’s
attempts to seduce Heloise, and his intransigent pride following her rejection makes it seem as
if his adulterous advances have succeeded. My Life So Far draws an unforced parallel between the childish narcissism shared by father and son, but it confuses the youngster’s innocence with the grown man’s fatuity. The film falls in love with its characters’ various cases of willed blindness, celebrating their naïveté. As Fraser tells us at the end, his “parents remained happily married for the rest of their lives.”