Sexism & the City


The peace and love of Woodstock ’99 was shattered by a volley of charges that included multiple rapes and women heckled to take their clothes off. Is it the dawning of another age of sexism?

Lennox Douglas

Age: 35

Resides: Santiago, Chile

Occupation: Model

Is there a resurgence in sexism? Here, in
America? No. Where I come from— Chile— it’s definitely yes. But here things are more open. Especially in New York. Women are doing more things. Standing up for their rights.

Ever been sexist? No, no, no. Never.

Ever been a victim of sexism? Yeah. My friend used to be in the circus and I wanted to do her act, the ring act. It’s like a dance. But they wouldn’t let me. They said it was a woman’s act. For a man to do it wasn’t aesthetically acceptable.

Rachel Martinez

Age: 47

Resides: South Bronx


Is there a resurgence in sexism? It’s just the same. You don’t hear about it as much, but it goes on. Women still get paid less in the workplace.

Ever been sexist? No. I don’t think so.

Ever been a victim of sexism? The worst is as a teenager— your roots. Especially in the Hispanic background. The daughter has to stay home, cook, clean, never can go out. But the boys can do whatever they want. It’s part of the culture. White people, they do the same thing. They just do it behind closed doors.

Adrian Cooper

Age: 39

Resides: Village

Occupation: Restaurant manager

Is there a resurgence in sexism? I think there’s more, yes. Women have come far in terms of equal rights, but men still look at women as sex objects.

Ever been sexist? No. I take each individual as themselves. I don’t look at it as men and women. But if I’m working with a guy and he’s sexist, he’ll lose all respect from me.

Ever been a victim of sexism? Of course. One time I went to a job interview, and I could tell right off the bat that she only wanted to hire a woman. She’d be like, “Usually a woman applies for this job. Why should you, as a man, be hired?”

Danny Mota

Age: 21

Resides: Village

Occupation: Student

Is there a resurgence in sexism? It’s kind of overrated. Now we’re seeing more equality in the workplace. In
the 21st century, it’ll
all be over. Same with racism.

Ever been sexist? I wouldn’t say sexist. Maybe I’ve taken some women for granted. Girlfriends. But you do it unconsciously.

Ever been a victim of sexism? Yeah. One time I was working, I had a manager, she was a real bitch. She didn’t like guys because she was a lesbian. I always felt a little oppression.

Tracy Sills

Age: 30

Resides: New Jersey

Occupation: Cable splicer

Is there a resurgence in sexism? In some situations it seems like it’s on the rise. Like in sports. When you go to WNBA games, men aren’t very supportive. In social situations, it creeps out.

Ever been sexist? Not consciously.

Ever been a victim of sexism? In the work that I do, it’s not traditionally female, it’s mostly men. They’re kind of condescending.

Angel Perez

Age: 33

Resides: Jersey City

Occupation: Banking

Is there a resurgence in sexism? There’s more awareness of women and gay rights these days. So there’s less.

Ever been sexist? No.

Ever been a victim of sexism? No. Being a male, a gay male, I really haven’t. Overall, it’s better for women and gays, but there’s still more work to be done.

Maria O’Reilly

Age: 27

Resides: West Village

Occupation: Accountant

Is there a resurgence in sexism? I don’t know if there’s more. But there’s a lot of it.

Ever been sexist? Not that I’m aware.

Ever been a victim of sexism? Yeah. Not being taken seriously at my job. Also, not getting the same opportunities as men in the workplace. If you get angry about it, they just think you’re hysterical. Walking down the street, you get anxiety attacks when you see a group of guys.

Greta M. Cross

Age: I’m not telling you.

Resides: Upper East Side

Occupation: Receptionist

Is there a resurgence in sexism? It’s basically the same.

Ever been sexist? I
wasn’t aware of it.

Ever been a victim of sexism? Yes. Certainly many times in my life. Not until the ’90s did I make a thing out of it. There were things like not being treated equally in the workplace. Not getting a job.