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Never thought of the dime-a-dozen long nails of LI babes as a fetishy turn-on? Wake up and smell the polish. (Which isn’t difficult, considering that there are more than 400 nail salons just in Nassau.) The Island could easily be considered a sexual utopia for the Lee Press-On lovers of the world, according to the scores of long-nail-worship sites on the Web.

Lesbians and finger-food lovers, consider yourselves warned.

A good starting place is Nail Bytes (, a clearinghouse of archives, stories and picture galleries. “For many, the nail fetish is a sexual thing, not unlike men loving women in high heels or women loving men in uniforms,” Webmaster Ed, a 41-year-old retail worker from Toronto, says. “It’s important to note that the length is not as important to most people as is the general shape, color and other characteristics.

“Color, length, curve, width, thickness are all things that we can never agree on,” says Ed, and enthusiasts range from those who get off just by looking at long nails to the rare “scratching, feeling, blood-drawing extremists.”

The site’s most lively feature (besides countless photo links) is the Nail Board, filled with messages from nail folks. One fetishist’s posting ( is a review of Mistress Sabrina Belladonna’s video, a goth girl’s dominatrix world of nails: “She takes the viewer through instructions on how to polish her long wicked finger and toenails…Watch as the lovely Mistress Sabrina Belladonna runs her wicked talons through her unleashed flowing hair.”

Ed estimates that there are about 75 nail sites. “We are a very, very small group as compared, say, to the ‘foot crowd’,” he says, which has about 1,000-plus sites.

Among the other nail sites:

LADY LUVINS “Since high school,” Lady Luvins explains on, “the power I felt yielding my long nails turned me on big time. Powerful like a cat, a very dangerous cat, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Through my high school years, I’d make out with boys, scratching and clawing their backs lusting in my power as they squirmed.” Along with her own personal nail story, you get photos of the Lady using her claws to smoke, scratch a wall, dig into a frightened man’s face and stomach and, of course, to fondle his penis.

ALARMINGLY LONG & DANGEROUS NAILS PAGE Dave Cutter, a self-dubbed “nail fetishist crusader,” runs sort of a classifieds page for nail lovers and flaunters alike at, where he lists descriptions of videos to buy. He also carries ads like this one: “A note to women who possess very long nails: BIG MONEY paid if you put your claws on video tape!!” Cutter says, “The thought of all that feminine power is so exciting to me. When a beautiful long nailed woman keeps her nails sharp, scratches me, and threatens me with them, I go to that primal place in nature.”

Celebrate Nails Wouldn’t you know it? SxCKat is Dave Cutter’s fiancée. At, you can see her flaunt her talons, painted in various colors and engaged in various activities, from scratching through bananas and cucumbers to poking Dave’s smiling face. “I began growing my nails some time ago,” SxCK explains. “They are presently about one inch from the fingertip, and I love them! I think long fingernails are the ultimate statement in femininity.” She offers several links of her own, including those to other “nail goddesses.”

Luckily, the only evidence of a big hair fetish (another look LI gals have perfected) is a gag site: Bret Thayne Bottger’s Big-Hair Babe Collection (, a gallery of altered photos of women, giving them the biggest hair ever. Hey, Bret, been to Long Island lately? It’s really no joke.

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