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The prolific Annie Hart is back. This is “The Tightwad Issue,” which means it’s packed with money-saving tips from shopping at bodegas (sometimes), to the price-per-calorie difference between dry and canned beans. Annie’s earnest approach and endearingly sloppy cut ‘n’ paste layout harks back to the roots of the scene, long before an art director’s knowledge of Quark was a prerequisite for speaking your mind. This zine goes from the political to the personal with natural ease, hitting home with its openness and soul. Here’s some prose from a pre-travel journal:

I want to see Dallas, I want to see Eugene, I want to see Chicago. I want to see Philadelphia up close. Washington D.C., Seattle, all the major cities besides LA. I hate cars. I want to see it all, but a limited time/budget/knowledge prevents the whole country from being absorbed. I need to satiate the restless, curious side of myself that I know could never be satisfied by such a simple thing. A month with Rachel. I wonder if we will be friends after this. It could bring us closer or it could tear us apart. I tend to tap or jiggle my foot in excitement (a state I will surely be in nearly the entire time, it’s so fitting with my personality,) which is perhaps the number one thing to annoy her.

A part of me is very scared. I am certainly no match for a rapist, unless he/she was mouse or perhaps a bunny rabbit. Any other creature would pose a serious threat to my well-being. But what kind of life can we live if we take no risks? Cripes!

I would never know how to ride a bicycle or even admit my feelings. Call me crazy, but I think it has to do with my sign. I am a Cancer. I love my home and the familiar. Rachel is also a Cancer. I know we are going to have a good time. We are going to see NY bands in odd places. That’s quite a plan. Besides my brother and Rachel’s grandmother we will be revolving our trip around music. I am ecstatic. Music AND travel in one package? I don’t know what could be better.

For some strange reason, I feel like writing:



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