Sticking It In Your Ear


If you went to buy a certain book on the American Revolution last week at the Borders in Stony Brook, you might have gotten more revolting developments than you bargained for.

Tucked in the pages of Liberty! The American Revolution, a companion coffee table book to A&E’s three-part documentary, was a two-page flyer offering such goodies as William Pierce’s The Turner Diaries, the paranoid-racist novel that Timothy McVeigh devoured before blowing up the Oklahoma City federal building.

No one knows who the propaganda-stuffing culprit is, but Pierce himself sounds proud that his crackpot revolt has apparently penetrated Long Island.

“That must be a bootleg job,” Pierce, who runs the National Alliance from his West Virginia bunker, says of the leaflet. “But it is a practice of ours. It’s libraries more than bookstores. People go into the history section and will put one of our business cards into books.”

The National Alliance, Pierce claims, is growing stronger, though he won’t release membership numbers. Already a presence on the Internet and on radio, Pierce’s organization apparently is branching out into the music business.

In March, Pierce says, he acquired Resistance Records, home of racist bands like Screwdriver, Berserker and Nordic Thunder. “In the past, they published white-power rock, heavy metal music,” Pierce explains. “We are going to expand into some of the gothic metal, black metal.”

The National Alliance has it all figured out: Everything bad is a product of a conspiracy of blacks and Jews. The flyer found in Borders offers such books like Talmud Unmasked and Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration. Scrawled on the margin of the flyer was the Alliance’s phone number, where you get a chilling recording: “At last, there is an effective, responsible and uncompromising organization for white people. That organization is the National Alliance….What we are doing is more than a debate, more than a culture war. The success or failure of this effort will determine our very survival of our race. The organizational vehicle for this, the greatest cause of all time, is the National Alliance. The National Alliance offers books for children, free of the interracial and pro-homosexual propaganda that our libraries and public school, and even some of our churches force-feed to our children today.”

The message then gives info on how to get a catalog of materials sent to you for two dollars. This material you won’t find on the shelves of most bookstores. A quick check of major bookstores reveals no barrage of the flyers, although the Borders at Stony Brook occasionally gets some attention from propaganda-stuffers.

“I got some KKK stuff once— they put it in a magazine,” says Catie Alvarado, a manager at the store. “Someone who teaches martial arts was taping his business cards in the martial arts books. I’ve found nothing pornographic or anything like that. It’s usually some kind of political statement.

“I came from another book chain and worked in 12 stores through Connecticut, Jersey and Long Island and I never saw this before. We’re right next to the college, and everyone’s got a stance.”

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