A Sporting Chance


Dating athletes has its advantages. For one thing, you can usually find some buff people— unless you’re a groupie on the professional bowlers’ tour. For another, jocks are used to performing under pressure. After a few drills, you’ll know if they’re really worth the gold. Not everyone, of course, is of Olympic quality.

Carla, 28, Long Beach He played football and lacrosse in high school. I was a virgin back then. All the jocks I remember in high school had the belly kind of deal because they drank beer. The jocks worked out with that doofy attitude. Most of them weren’t passionate. They liked to drink and fuck, but half the time they couldn’t get it up— my boyfriend included. I think that’s why I was still a virgin.

Bill, 38, Bay Shore She was a student at my karate school, about 21. In class, she liked to spar with the guys, and she did pretty well— she had muscles and everything. One day, she invited herself to my dorm room and said, “I really want to learn some more and I’m very dedicated to this art. Do you give private lessons?” So then she sat on my bed and I was showing her different blocks like if somebody was trying to attack her. She said, “Make believe you’re trying to rape me, so I can see if I can do the blocks.” So I got on top of her on the bed, but she wasn’t using the blocks. I was like, “You’re not using the blocks.” She was like, “What if I don’t want to stop you?” I was like, “Uh oh. You’re not being a very good student.” She told me, “Rip my pants off.” So I did. I saw she had no underwear on and I saw she was wet. I was like, “Whoa.” Then we had wild passionate sex. She jumped on top of me and became the aggressor. She pulled my hair hard, especially when she was coming. If she was giving me a blow job she liked it if I pulled her hair hard.

She was very animalistic, very controlling, very forceful. She would bite my nipples, like she was trying to bite them off, and leave teeth marks. It would turn me off in a way because it was hurting me. But it would get her hot. She was also bisexual and told me that she liked to convert women. She would come on to girls like 17, 18 years old. She would find feminine girls and massage them, get them drunk or smoke pot with them. She said she was great at eating pussy. So she would go down on them and they would just love it. If any guys came near them she would threaten them, “Get the fuck away.” Even though she saw guys, too.

Tony, 27, Freeport She was 5’9″— I was barely six feet. She was a brunette with brown eyes. Skinny. I didn’t know she was a volleyball player at first. We went to the drive-in and were holding close, watching Halloween. I asked her, “What if I make a move on you?” She was like, “You don’t know my left.” She was very bold and very tough, single-parent background like me. Single-parent backgrounds make you harder, make you more insecure. This was the second date. I didn’t make the move. Nothing happened more than a little kissing and a little fondling. I was intimidated. She was a strong woman, and she knew what she wanted. One time, she told me she had had sex on the volleyball court. She said it hurt. We never got that far.

Nancy, 33, Queens This guy friend of mine rock climbs, he hunts, he swims a little bit, he rides a bike, he’s a caffeine junkie. Now that he’s single again, I think he’s feeling his biological clock. He’s like, “I got to find a girlfriend. I’ve got to find a woman.” So, this woman I know started dating him. She told me, “He’s ambitious.” Meaning he’s good in bed and was, like, “let’s try this.” She thought this was a good thing while she had it. I don’t know if this is related to his being an athlete, but he’s a cheap son of a bitch.

Tony, 34, Long Beach I dated a softball/volleyball player. She had two little brothers so she was good at hitting. We were Catholic school kids, so we were advanced. I was the popular one, the drummer guy in the band. We went on a camping trip with her family. We were all in one camper. Her parents actually let us sleep next to each other. We had real quiet sex in the camper. Ever have sex while your mom was in the same room?

Jillian, 20, Hewlett He was captain of the high school track team. He had that good, long-distance endurance thing. When I first met him, he was very thin and in great shape. He wouldn’t do weights for his legs because he thought it would stunt his growth. He was sexy. Track runners, especially, have such great butts. His sneakers are Nike, and he’ll wear them till they’re dead and the liner is coming out and everything. With track runners, they have a focus. He doesn’t believe in premarital sex. He spends his time on certain areas. He’s slow and he’s really good. I’m still with him.