Incognito #10


Cher, Beth and the crew at Incognito return with Issue Ten, and it is yet another satisfying feast that relies upon the old-school recipe for compelling zine-making— namely music, poetry, art, rantings, nonsense and a bit of the kitchen sink arranged in gloriously inartistic cut-and-paste style. Highlights include Cher’s movie reviews and a highly scientific analysis that reveals the plentitude of similarities between the Cure’s Robert Smith and a yummy Pillsbury Toaster Strudel. Also check out this “fearful realization” by Beth:

here is a picture of our drew hugging that lulu labinski or whatever her name is. Don’t mind me I’m just jealous of this strange girl embracing kissing our fair lady.

Speaking strange embraces I am now accepting the trend of people you are only acquainted to giving hugs and kisses like they’re long lost relatives. Let’s face facts, drew is getting old she wears-gasp-khaki pants. She is not the vixen she once was.

I recently discovered molly ringwald has been featured in a porno. My world is falling apart. Someone informed me dinosaur jr. broke up last year. I nearly had a break down. They are discontinuing cassette tapes. I am feeling out of date and I am only 18. Soon they will totally do away with the regular animation and everything will be computer animation. Then what?!

No more ice cream trucks? Will the simpsons be cancelled? Will they make another ernest movie? I’m taking my Atari and hiding out in a fall-out shelter. I don’t think I can face the millennium.

I used to work at starbucks do you resent me for that? Dear lord, what if they phase out Polaroid cameras?

Is nothing sacred?

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