Caught on film

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for acknowledging my work in your Best of LI ’99. Honestly, I believe in the theory that your tallying computer might have been on the fritz when you came to the Best Filmmaker section, but whatever the case or the miscalculation, I thank you for making the best on our Island feel like we can make you notice. Special thanks to Michael Giacalone for making me seem somewhat accomplished and professional! I guess that bottle of Absolut and the C-note helped. You won’t print that will you? Good…whew!

Joe Lynch
Mint Flavored Films
Port Jefferson Station

Tickling your ears

The last two weeks have proven to be a whirlwind of excitement for me, having also been elected to the Independence Party position of Alternative Delegate to the 10th Judicial Convention, 4th Assembly District of Suffolk County.

But Best College Radio DJ really tops the cake.

All I can say is wow. Thank you, Long Island Voice, Long Island musicians and supporters, my boyfriend Michael McMullan aka Argon, LI Music Coalition and, of course, WUSB 90.1FM, which lets me do this.

To have my radio programs, my intent and my purpose recognized in this way further promotes the value of the original music created, especially by local musicians here on Long Island, because it is our own, born from the feelings and views of passion, joy, sorrow, angst and other out-worldly things. Let them be heard! Here’s a another wakeup call to LI stations to play local artists.

And on the subject of your category Personalities: Thank you, Howard Stern, for helping to serve as some kind of a model to me as to what people can be.

Jill Morrison

Gay Pride

Our heartfelt thanks to the LI Voice and especially to Beth Greenfield for being selected “Best Gay Bar” on Long Island for 1999. While owning the Bunkhouse can be a lot of fun, most people don’t realize the work involved to remain on top.

Eugene, Larry and Michael

Owners of the Bunkhouse

Regarding The Best of LI ’99, Howard Stern is a great salesman of our time. It is obvious that he is successful at selling and promoting his sponsors’ products and marketing his own line profitably; however, it is the subliminal selling that is his greatest sale–the sale of a fantasy.

He is selling his audience a fantasy land where anything goes, escapism where no rules or regulations apply, no restrictions, no dress code or censorship—a “never-never land where Peter Pan never grows up.”

Stern’s ability is comparable to a novelist who is capable of transporting his readers to another time or place. As an author uses the written word to reach his destination, Stern uses the spoken word. He asks his listeners to travel with him to another place, and he is asking us to use our imagination to get there.

Howard Stern is a salesman. He knows what sells, how to sell it and to whom. Some of us buy it and some of us don’t.

Mrs. Susan Davniero

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