This is a New York-based zine, but features contributions from Holbrook’s own Wayne Scallon, whose brother (I assume) Ken Scallon is the publisher, editor and designer. This zine is definitely in the aspires-to-be-a-magazine genre, but in the good sense. Instead of mirroring the superficial and blurby approach of supposed counter-culture mags like Alternative Press, Dime pushes the “zine” tag with some superb graphic design (all the cutting and pasting was done under the edit icon in Adobe Photoshop) and a varied and engaging smattering of dorm-room intellectualism. It covers the gamut from a story on a Communist-era Czech art-rock band to an editorial on gun control which consists entirely of one long quote from Don Quixote. Wayne Scallon’s contributions include a dreamy bit of social satire called “A Pigs Tale.” Here’s a taste:

When the rains came, Moo Shoo and his playful porcine brother Lo Mein were thankful for the opportunity to enjoy their first shower in weeks. Unlike most of their contemporaries, the abhorred the dirt and grime which their specie had become associated and were also well aware that it was their fate to become a small insignificant link in the food chain, enjoyed briefly by the evil Chin, their crazed, slop-serving, cleaver-wielding owner, and then largely forgotten, a rather unmemorable existence.

However they felt certain that given the chance they could thwart fate which held no hope for either of them, and, with a little luck, change their destiny. No small chore mind you, but these were no ordinary pigs. They both had read extensively the writings of Eastern philosophers, western economists, and Jack Kerouac. So when torrential rains caused the Yangtze River to swell and eventually flood the Wuhan farm they called home since birth, they knew this was their chance.