Wednesday night bummer club


Guys with a fetish for $10 whores love to sing along with Stephen Lynch. A frequent guest on the Opie and Anthony Show on WNEW-FM/102.7 the 28-year-old from Manhattan will hit Governors on Wednesday, Oct 13. He recently sang a lullaby to Bill Jensen:

You’ve written songs about priests and pedophiles. What does your family think?

They support me in what I do. Of course, they find some of the material slightly objectionable. But they know I’m just trying to make people laugh.

Do you pop in your tape at family barbecues?

I’ve actually had requests to sing at family functions. I’ll do something I think is appropriate or if I don’t think I’ll get kicked out of the family for it.

So for David’s bar mitzvah you’d break out…?

Of course, I’m not Jewish. But if I were, yes, I’d break out …

… the “Lullaby” song or something like that?

I’d probably write a new one about circumcision.

At your shows, what do your hecklers generally yell out?

Nothing really show-related. They just like to make comments on the sickness of the songs, or it’s usually people who don’t know the material. Or sometimes people just like to shout their favorite songs so that I’ll play them.

So people yell out “Free Bird”?

Well, they’re usually songs that I’ve written.

Explain what the plot will be for the Stephen Lynch Behind the Music on VH1?

God, that would be so boring. I don’t have a drug addiction—I’m working on that. I’m trying to stockpile cocaine and heroin so I can eventually OD.

STEPHEN LYNCH 8pm Oct 13 at Governor’s Comedy and Cabaret, 90 Division Ave, Levittown, 516-731-3358. $10 and two-drink minimum.