Shots in the dark


The cashier walked out of a marriage after 27 years.

A woman with chipped red nail polish remarks that she’s the “top cashier” at a local supermarket. Then she says it again. This 47-year-old probably deserves automatic bragging rights because of her deep facial lines that tell of a hard life and of the company around her at FRANK & IRENE on Friday.

There’s a supermarket frozen-food manager who raises his shot glass of Schnapps to toast how he has spent the last 15 years. “Fuck work. It’s just a job,” he says bitterly.

There’s another guy complaining to his pals about his woman. “You know what she called me the other day?” he asks his friends. They don’t respond. “The devil’s advocate.” Such criticism, he says, is because he didn’t turn over more of his paycheck to her.

But the top cashier with the chipped red nail polish seems to have more in common with a yellowed “School House Rock” poster on the wall of the Lindenhurst bar— she thinks young. The cashier says she walked out of a marriage after 27 years. He was a control freak. He still is a control freak— their divorce agreement stipulates that she not date other men, she says. Her ex-husband, who has a girlfriend sharing his bed four nights a week, reminds her that he’ll hire a private investigator should she get any ideas. That just makes her more angry. She’s frustrated that he doesn’t understand one simple thing: She’s thrilled to be rid of him.

Her next plan was to move out of her sister’s place and get a space of her own, like a room by the month in a house. Considering she’s paid $6.20 an hour and gets $75 a month in alimony, she has budgeted $80 a month for rent. While other patrons hang their heads over their beers, she turns to a blonde and asks if she knows of possible landlords. Already her plan is in the works.

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