Tricks or treat


It can be scary out there. Be careful what you put in your mouth this Halloween.

DONOVAN, 19, BRENTWOOD I was coming home from a party and my girlfriend at the time was sitting in front of my house in her car with the lights off— she hadn’t wanted me to go to the party. So she comes and tries to hit me with the car. I was scared. Lucky thing I dove out of the way because I wouldn’t be walking now. She didn’t drive a regular car; it was her mom’s Cadillac. I was never alone with her after that. But once, she and her cousin tried to tie me up. She was like, “What the fuck you talking to girls for?” Her cousin had seen me talking to a girl who was my friend. I’m trying to find a non-psychotic girlfriend. I ain’t a flirt. I’m a funny guy. I think I’m very handsome. I didn’t deserve it. I liked her with all my heart. I never played her, but she always thought that I did.

JESSY, 18, WEST ISLIP A weird guy, very skinny, very sick and pale, asked me for my phone number at work. He kept coming in. I work at Genovese in photo. I had had to ask him for his phone number. He was like, “Can I have yours instead?” I haven’t seen him since. That was like two weeks ago. I hope he doesn’t come back.

HASIM THE FALSE PROPHET, 21, BAY SHORE My story takes place in the dry setting of Bay Shore. I met an Italian woman, three years older than me. She was a manic-depressive. She was on her own since she was 15 and she was a major drug addict. We were always fighting, because marijuana makes you fight sometimes. She didn’t want to go to the prom with me. I was still in high school. So I went with her best friend, but she didn’t know. She was violent. She smacked me one and she also tried to beat my friend with a shovel because he said something about the girl I went to the prom with.

During the end, when I was trying to break up with her, she would call my house and curse at my mom because my mom didn’t like her. She was moody, sarcastic, bitchy. The craziest thing, we broke up and she met this guy, but I came back into the picture. We were chillin’ and the guy climbed up a three-story building with a ladder. Her lover. He got his ass whipped.

JOSE, 20, AMITYVILLE I know this girl. I would mess with her up here at school. I think she’s stalking my girlfriend. I don’t like stuff like that, yo. She knows everything about my girlfriend, like my girlfriend just got a new job and where she’s at. It was just like a fling between us. It happened at my house. She’s so pretty, too. I shouldn’t have messed with her. She has a very nice body, yo. Her body is off the hook, put that in there. I got dirty, real dirty with her. It was something to do. I didn’t put my best moves on her that day. I took it easy on her. I have no sweet talk. I was like, “You wanna come over. I like you.” Then I told her I love her. But love is just a word. She shouldn’t have believed it. After she found out I wasn’t going to break up with my girlfriend, she just started bugging me. I heard that she’s like that with everybody — afterwards. I couldn’t bring her home to my mother. If you can’t bring a girl home to your mother, she ain’t your girlfriend.

PATRICIA, 19, BRENTWOOD I thought I was about to get raped. He kept pushing himself on me. He was just all up in my face, constantly pulling me. And I wasn’t with it and that was that. I was scared. We was chillin’ at his house. We were friends. It was that day of the storm. I said hi to his mother, little brother, everybody was home. He was like, “Come upstairs, I have a surprise for you.” I thought it was a gift. I always go upstairs and we would just chill. It ended up in an argument. “If you just want to speak to me to fuck me,” I told him, “I don’t want to be bothered.” I cut it right there.

MELISSA, 21, BRENTWOOD I was in the Palladium about four years ago and this guy hit on me, but he was dressed like a woman. He had on a long black dress, all made up. It was scary. It was all there and everything that wasn’t supposed to be there was tucked away. He definitely could have been on Sally. He could have been a good-looking guy, too. I don’t really know. Now, when I think about it, it’s funny. As soon as I turned around when he tapped me on the shoulder, I knew. He was like, “What’s up? How you doing? Wanna dance?” And he was like seven feet tall. Then I see him talking to some guy. I pulled the guy aside and told him, “I don’t mean to scare you or anything, but that’s a guy.” He was like, “Word.”

ROBERTO, 20, BAY SHORE It was this controlling girl I went out with. She’d be in my room and I wouldn’t even know how she got in there. I used to have her climb through my window because of my moms. She would go through my drawers and find letters of the past. She thought they were ripe. I had to get a restraining order because I thought she was going to kill me. She came at me with a knife, but I was able to get it away from her with my kung fu abilities. The sex relationship was good. She was wild. She would ride pretty well. When I broke up with her she started wilding out. She started screaming and stuff. Then she sent her cousins to beat me up. We squashed everything, and she moved to Florida to live with her father.