Alpha Bits


You sure you want an alpha male-even a wannabe-in-training, like Al Gore-to be president of your country? Or would you settle for a beta male? Maybe you need to review just how the typical alpha and beta males behave in places like nightclubs:

Coin Toss What happens when a guy pays the bar tab in exact change? Ask Mindy. Her very-beta date did so one night just to “get rid of some change.” And you could say those coins cost him dearly. She had to remind him to tip the bartender. She ducked around corners, afraid that she’d run into someone she knew. And she couldn’t even drink hard alcohol that night, due to a doctor’s order. At the end of the night, she went home to bed-alone.

Freebies Ladies’ night is for ladies. But at least one patron must have been having a sexual identity crisis at THE DALLENGER a few months ago. Not only did he suck down the free champagne for ladies, but he also hit on the woman who did his ordering. (She shot him down.) Although ladies’ nights now are illegal, because of a state law passed last summer, free buffets aren’t. Still, Mindy wasn’t too impressed when a potential suitor bragged to her about the nightclubs with free eats. Did someone say CHELSEA STREET? Did someone mutter, “Cheap date”? Still, Mindy may give him a chance. Underneath that beta image may be an alpha male dying to break out.

Facial hair Goatees are alpha. Sideburns are very alpha. But sideburns needing to be trimmed with a weed whacker? Mindy cast her vote: “It’s like letting your nose hairs grow too long.” Of course, bushy hair is better than a bad toupee-especially when there’s a guy with a crown full of his own nearby. At The Dallenger one recent Friday night, a 38-year-old guy casually pointed out patrons with synthetic-looking hairpieces. Alpha or beta, he didn’t have as sharp an eye as he thought he did: Many of them were just bad hairdos.

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