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Awesome web site []. I loved it. Keep up the good work. I love NYC. I lived there years ago and I hung out in the Village. I was only 21. Awesome time, though I could tell you a story about my adventures back then and what I am doing as a grown woman of 52. Peace.


Cyber blast

As chat producer for MSNBC on the Internet, I am writing to call your attention to some inaccuracies in Angela Gunn’s 76:50 [Cyber, Nov. 4], which was distributed widely on the Internet.

Ms. Gunn erroneously stated that “MSNBC, which hosts the NBC sports site, pulls down its discussion area [on the flap involving Jim Gray and Pete Rose].” The bulletin boards were never pulled down. They did receive tremendous traffic after the interview was aired, and the boards become sluggish. But they were never taken down. Our chat rooms were working all night long.

Perhaps some of Ms. Gunn’s confusion stemmed from the nature of our World Series Webcast on Sunday, Oct. 24. Because of the high traffic we expected, we used a special, “non-threaded” cybercast format that prevents chatters from talking with one another

But users were allowed to exchange views in our general chat rooms. These rooms are monitored by computer for inappropriate language; chatters who “bombard” our site with multiple nuisance posts designed to jam the conversation are also ejected by computer. Our system was ejecting chatters for inappropriate language and multiple postings. But never were chatters ejected simply for posting negative comments on Jim Gray. In fact, opened ten to allow users to react to the controversy. We also provided information about how to contact NBC by phone or e-mail.

During the next few days the Jim Gray story was a very hot topic on and at no time-in our chat room or on the site itself-did take an advocacy position for the Gray interview. We regarded it as a news story like any other.

Please make the appropriate corrections. And in the future, if your reporter wishes to write about what goes on in chat rooms, I would be happy to answer her questions before she writes the story.

Chris Donohue
Chat producer for MSNBC on the Internet

Angela Gunn replies: I stand by the story as reported. The thread disappeared, along with the links that had been present, while I was on the thread (that is, where once a page existed there came to be a 404). Other folks independently described the same thing happening at the same time. As for getting bounced out of the later discussions, [independent Website creator] Michael Rhine heard from the folks who got booted and reported it.

Damn straight!

In recognition of the incorrigible offensive defiant language proliferated at Woodstock ’99 as reported [Politics of the pit, News, Nov. 4] is evident of the decadence of the language in our culture is irrespective of the demise of values in our youthful culture rhetorical to an ineptitude to authority in avoidance of maturity.

Such insolent behavior may prove detrimental to the youth’s amalgamation into society ascendant to adulthood. Possibly a “cool” newspaper such as the LI Voice encouragement to subdue to cease the profanity will provide a refutable alternative to profanity and convey the message that one can still be “cool” without the usage of profanity in their language and the music can be heard.

Mrs. Susan Davniero

A beautiful day

In response to your review of the Spring album Sprung [Recordings, Nov. 11], I thought your comments were spot on! It’s a great album with a powerful sound. Her voice is remarkable, and I was fortunate enough to catch one of her live gigs in NYC. I bought the album about six months ago and still can’t stop listening to it. I hope she gets the recognition she well deserves. Looking forward to her next album.

David Shone
via e-mail

Add him to the list

I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to you folks for including the NYC art museum listings. For people who crave the arts, the absorption of the Village Voice‘s NYC arts section is a godsend. Much appreciated.

Tom V.

Associate Editor Beth Greenfield, competing against mainstream papers including Newsday, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, has received this year’s Front Page Award for Newspaper Feature Writing from the Newswomen’s Club of New York for her June 10 cover story, “The Secret Lives of Gay Teachers.” The award was presented at a Nov. 11 banquet in Manhattan.

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