My bad

Regarding the photo on page 17 of the Nov. 25 issue [Thanksgivers]: There probably hasn’t been a Hardee’s in Nassau since Mama Cass stopped singing its praises. However, that picture does look an awful lot like Nathan’s. Maybe that logo on the deli picture should have been a clue. I showed the pic to the owner, and he at least thought it was a nice picture.

Joel Greenberg

Ferry dust

Why Mayor Suozzi’s spectactularly unholy haste in committing Glen Cove to the Indian ferry?

Can it be…

1) That he doesn’t want to give Glen Cove citizens time to see through his lie that ferries will be good for the environment, a lie our Glenwood Landing neighbors recognized when it was their immediate shoreline that was threatened?

2) That having put the city some $60 million in debt, he needs income fast to begin paying that debt, without raising taxes, because a tax raise might kill politically? A total of $400,000 in casino money the first year and hope of $600,000 thereafter “… if Fox runs four full ferries a day in one year?” Four high-speed ferries a day, churning the habor, ferries filled with Foxwoods bettors arriving by “environmentally friendly” cars?

3) That Tinker Bell ferries (pun intended) sprinkle dust into citizens eyes?

Lee Drucker

Glen Cove

Helpful reminder

Not to exonerate the child’s purchasing influence, however, in my opinion, the child’s behavioral temperament may be rhetorical to the adult’s acquisition of an abundance of possessions.

The exorbitant lifestyle set forth by the adults reinforces the misconstrued message to the descendant child of values in the culture that falsely attributes the magnitude of possession or wealth as a criteria of success or happiness. Applicable to the adult’s example, the child manifests a behavior to applacate their impulses and indulge in frivolous purchases concurrent to the values in their society and their homes.

Ideal adult conduct would distinguish the capacity to repress expedient appeasement; however, such is not a requisite of maturity. The greed manifested in childhood is not obliterated due to the adult’s continuation of immaturity ascendant into adulthood in the acquisitions of compulsory possessions for gratification derive from their definition of happiness.

In essence, the children just want to be happy and, until the adults can redefine happiness for them, the child will continue to buy, buy, buy.

Mrs. Susan Davniero


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