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Already thinking about how you’ll spend your NCAA Tournament pool winnings? Well, even the most lucrative bracket-borne jackpot would be a drop in the bucket for college basketball’s premier coaches. Consider these Sweet 16 salaries (including “outside income”—at least that which is public—from shoe deals, summer camps, speaking engagements, and TV/radio shows):

DUKE: Mike Krzyzewski (29-4; 571-218 overall). Total university compensation: $417,497. Outside income: 16-year, $6.6 million shoe and apparel contract with Nike. Contract expires: 2003

MICHIGAN STATE: Tom Izzo (28-7; 116-48 overall). Base salary: $195,000. Other income: $90,000 (“supplemental income” from university); $235,000 (shoe contract with Reebok); $260,800 (in “other income”). Contract expires: 2004

IOWA STATE: Larry Eustachy (31-4; 205-105 overall). Base salary: $160,000. Outside income: $640,000 (shoe and apparel contracts as well as TV/radio shows, summer camps, and public appearances); $300,000 cash bonuses in 2003, 2006, and 2009, as well as a $100,000 bonus in 2010; $25,000 for each regular-season Big 12 championship; $25,000 for each Big 12 Tournament title; $25,000 for each NCAA Tournament bid and each NCAA victory. Contract expires: 2010

OKLAHOMA STATE: Eddie Sutton (26-6; 658-258 overall). Base salary: $130,000. Other income: $150,000 (shoe contract with Nike); $1500 (Nike merchandise); $211,000 (for fundraising, TV/radio contracts); more than $40,000 in incentive bonuses tied to postseason play. Perks: use of car and gasoline credit cards; golf membership at Stillwater Country Club; skybox in Gallagher-Iba Arena with about 20 seats; 73 basketball season tickets worth $38,000. Contract expires: 2002

LSU: John Brady (28-5; 138-115 overall). Base salary: $100,000. Other income: $100,000 (TV/radio contract); $150,000 (“product endorsements”) Contract expires: 2002

TENNESSEE: Jerry Green (26-6; 289-201 overall). Base salary: $150,000. Outside income: $220,000 (TV/radio commitments); $120,000 (shoe and apparel deals); estimated $80,000 (summer basketball camps); $50,000 “retention” bonus. Contract expires: 2004

SYRACUSE: Jim Boeheim (26-5; 575-198 overall). Base salary: $191,770. Other income: $72,739 (university “benefits”). Contract expires: n/a

FLORIDA: Billy Donovan (26-7; 110-68 overall). Total university compensation: $700,000. Other income: eligible for bonuses that include an extra month’s salary for making the NCAA Tournament and two months’ salary if the Gators win the national title; also includes incentives for graduating a certain percentage of his players. Contract expires: 2006

PURDUE: Gene Keady (23-9; 476-217 overall). Total university compensation: estimated $350,000-plus. Other income: n/a. Contract expires: 2003

MIAMI: Leonard Hamilton (23-10; 200-219 overall). Total university compensation: estimated $250,000. Contract expires: 2003

UCLA: Steve Lavin (21-11; 91-37 overall). Base salary: $153,000. Other income: $195,000 (speaking engagements and public appearances); $195,000 (portion of school contract with Adidas); $35,000 (summer camp). Contract expires: 2005

TULSA: Bill Self (31-4; 128-80 overall). Total university compensation: estimated at $300,000. Contract expires: 2006

NORTH CAROLINA: Bill Guthridge (20-13; 78-27 overall). Base salary: $155,000. Other income: $450,000 (shoe and apparel contract with Nike); $10,000 (in Nike products); $150,000 bonus for winning national championship; $25,000 university expense account. Contract expires: 2003

WISCONSIN: Dick Bennett (25-8; 454-251 overall). Base salary: $133,000. Outside income: $100,000 (Reebok “consulting” agreement); $75,579 (TV/radio shows); $33,627 (clinics and camps). Perks: $15,919 golf equipment and country club membership. Contract expires: 2001

SETON HALL: Tommy Amaker (22-9; 52-39 overall). Total university compensation: estimated $400,000. Contract expires: 2005

GONZAGA: Mark Few (26-8; first season). Base salary: n/a (predecessor made estimated $75,000 annually). Outside income: n/a. Contract expires: n/a

From the Desk of George Santayana

* News item: Cincinnati Reds make lopsided trade for Ken Griffey Jr. Historical parallel: Before the ’82 season, the Yankees swapped no-name prospects (Fred Toliver, Bryan Ryder) for Ken Griffey Sr. in an attempt to juice up their outfield; finish fifth. Prediction: Pencil in the Reds for the N.L. Central cellar, and tell Clyde King to polish up his managerial spikes.

* News item: Red Sox GM Dan Duquette tells fans Sox will never be competitive without a new ballpark. Historical parallel: When Rudy Giuliani tried this argument in 1998, the Yankees drew record crowds en route to winning 125 games and the World Series. Prediction: BoSox win Series, end Curse. Fenway Park declared religious shrine by delirious Massachusetts state legislature. Duquette thrown from roof of Prudential Center by delirious Red Sox owners.

* News item: Controversial baseball owner George Steinbrenner buys New Jersey Nets basketball team and New Jersey Devils hockey team. Historical parallel: Controversial baseball owner Charlie Finley buys NHL California Seals hockey team (1970) and ABA Memphis Tams basketball team (1972). Prediction: Devils move to Cleveland. NBA folds. Steinbrenner spends declining years promoting scheme to use orange baseballs.

* News item: Mets acquire aging third baseman Todd Zeile to play first base. Historical parallel: Mets acquire aging third baseman Joe Torre to play first base, 1975. Prediction: Mets sink to second division. Zeile manages Yankees to world championship in 2021.

NCAA Haiku

Snow melts on hoop rim

Johnnie jerseys limp in wash

Chirping agent phones

Red blossoms on floor

West breeze rustles through tea leaves

Waves roll in, Knight falls

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