Pulp Friction


Suggesting that punishment fits the crime, Third World Cop exposes the clash between gun traffickers and the police in Kingston, Jamaica. Capone (Paul Campbell), a badass celebrity cop, is transferred to his island hometown, where he discovers that his childhood friend Ratty (Mark Danvers) is the right-hand man of a ganja-loving, gun-running ganglord (Carl Bradshaw). Reciting a passage from Ezekiel to a fellow gang member about to meet an ill fate, Ratty is a philosophizing Jules from Pulp Fiction. As arrogant Capone attempts to cut a deal with Ratty, their icy confrontation thaws to reveal a wiser elder looking after a younger brother. The highest-grossing Jamaican film of all time (one of only 19 films made by Jamaican directors since 1951’s Father Brown Learns Good Diary), Cop is an energetic portrayal of mean-street ghetto life.