Pride Guide


Whether you’re from out of town or a local, the range of options this Pride Week is endless. Listed below is our selection of goings-on, select fetes that shouldn’t get lost in the mix.

The Best of Best Lesbian Erotica 2000

A two-night reading with hot and witty lesbian writers featured in the new anthology edited by Voice columnist Tristan Taormino, who’s present both nights. Thursday features Kate Bornstein (My Gender Workbook), BackDoor Boy Teresa Cooper, Jane DeLynn (Bad Sex Is Good), poet Kathe Izzo, and Heather Lewis (House Rules). Friday features Toni Amato, Bree Coven, Cynthia Greenberg, Mickey Laskin, Jane Perkins, and Lauren Sanders (Kamikaze Lust). June 22 and 23 at 7, Bluestockings, 172 Allen, 777-6028. (Bryan Zimmerman)

Brooklyn Gay Poets

With Borough of Kings poets included in the anthology The World in Us: Lesbian and Gay Poetry of the Next Wave (St. Martin’s), including Joan Larkin, Jeffry Conway, Robyn Selman, Michael Lassel, and Elena Georgiou. June 22 at 7:30, Community Bookstore, 143 Seventh Avenue, Bklyn, 718-783-3075. (Zimmerman)

Mel Cheren

Some nights at Vinyl, you can catch Mel Cheren silently shuffling on the baby powder, extolling the joy of rhythm known only to the original heads who haunted the legendary Paradise Garage, the onetime ’80s enclave of black and Latin kids devoted to the divine dance tracks DJ Larry Levan would lay down for weekend-long joy marathons. Cheren, who helped keep the Garage going behind the scenes, spills some of the T from his new book, My Life And The Paradise Garage-Keep On Dancin’, on what exactly went down (from the highs to the lows in those halcyon days) when it was all about the music. June 22 at 7, A Different Light, 151 W 19th, 989-4850.

Isle of Klezbos

This all-female powerhouse klezmer sextet combines folk, swing, tango, trance, and dance with traditional Yiddish music. Schlepp over to CB’s Gallery. These women will make you shake your tushies. June 22 at 7:30, CB’s Gallery, 313 Bowery.

S.O.B.’S Gay Pride Parade Kickoff

Kick off parade weekend with one night you won’t be singing along to “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” in the shower, when Miss Jennifer Holliday heads up the festivities. The former Dreamgirls chanteuse gets the party into gear with the world soul house’s annual bash. Expect dapper revelers as well as the club’s competently doled-out doses of house, r&b, salsa, and caipirinhas. June 22 at 8, S.O.B.’s, 204 Varick, 243-4940.

Gay/Lesbian Pride Shabbat Celebration

A lesbian, a rabbi, and an assembly member—and this is nothing to joke about. Violinist Alicia Svigals joins Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum and Assembly Member Deborah Glick, hosted by Congregation Beth Simchat. June 23 at 8, Ethical Culture Society, 64th and Central Park West.

Marga Gomez

The Cuban funny lady sends off the wild party at Esquelita’s tony cabaret corner, Her/She Bar, followed by a dance party, as well as a dragstravaganza by La Esquelita’s cast of glammed-out bilingual queens. Keep an eye out for some free Whitney Houston CDs right before the wet T-shirt contest. June 23 at 9, Her/She Bar @ Escuelita, 301 W 39th, 631-1093.

Seventh Annual Drag March

Rock a fabulous gown (or executive realness in a suit) and come to the Drag March, where everyone is welcome as long as they don androgynous accoutrements. June 23 at 8, Tompkins Square Park, Avenue A and St. Mark’s Place.

City Dyke March

Oh when the dykes, come marching in . . .Let the marching begin! From Bryant Park down Fifth Avenue to Washington Square Park you can join the spunky, proud, and very down dykes. And what do you do after a good march? Dance, of course, at the Dyke Ball. June 24 at 5, Bryant Park, 42nd at Sixth Ave. Dyke Ball at 6, CHARAS/El Bohio, 605 E 9th, 479-8520. (Gayduk)

Lovergirl: The Invincible Summer Party

Feeling lonely? Maybe 2000 dancing women are enough to cheer you up. Two whole floors and an outdoor patio full of romance and views await you. And if this isn’t motivation enough, you get a chance at picking up the new k.d. lang album for free. June 24 from 10, the Chelsea Brewing Company at Chelsea Pier 59, West Side Hwy and 18th St, 631-1000. (Gayduk)

Maitri Dorje

Meditation may feed the soul, but can it feed the state of the community? Channel your solutions with others at the Gay and Lesbian Buddhist Society’s Gay Pride?themed meditation session. June 24 at noon, Shambhala Center, 118 W 22nd, 6th fl., 675-6444.

19th Annual Lesbian & Gay Pride Run

Front Runners and the New York Road Runners Club host this annual five-mile race for hardcore enthusiasts of every stripe. The Community Challenge, a two-mile “fun run” open to everyone, including businesses and community groups, starts at 9. The race is on at 9:30; register (early!) from 7:30 to 9. June 24, 97th and East Drive, 724-9700.

NYswimillennium 2000

Regarding the high-drama moniker: Team NY Aquatics is sponsoring its first meet in over six years since the Gay Games, so it’s a really big year for this. Come and catch up with old buds and check out swimmers from all over the country as they put their strokes to the test. This is a U.S. Masters Swimming?sanctioned event that’s free to spectators. Log on to www.tnya.org for more info. June 24 at 9, Lehman College APEX Pool, Lehman College, Bronx, 212-691-3440.

Play Party

The Lesbian Sex Mafia offers some serious entertainment at the L’Oiel Cache. If you’re interested in role playing, bondage, and discipline, and you’re not already tied up for the evening, you can be. Open to leatherwomen and mistresses of every inclination, from lesbian to bi to transgendered to het. June 24 at 9, L’Oiel Cache, 147 W 24th, 726-3844. (Gayduk)

Pride Liturgy

God loves all of his children. Get the word for the weekend at this service organized by DignityUSA. June 24 at 7, Church of St. Mary the Virgin, 145 W 46th, 627-6488.

Pride Tournament & Open Mat Clinic

Not some BG East-style free-for-all, but the second annual installment of the Metro Gay Wrestling Alliance’s Pride Tournament. Measure your skills against other amateur wrestlers and get pointers from the alliance members at this open invitational tournament to celebrate gay athletes during Pride. Participants need a USA Wrestling membership, which can be obtained right on site for $20. June 24 at 10, McBurney YMCA, 122 W 17th, 741-9272.

Dan Woog+Pat Griffin

A talk about gay athletes with the authors of Jocks: True Stories of America’s Gay Male Athletes and Strong Women, Deep Closets: Lesbians and Homophobia in Sport. June 24 at 4, Barnes & Noble, 675 Sixth Ave, 727-1227. (Zimmerman)

Dance 2000 on the Waterfront

What would Gay Pride be without a rousing soiree to ring in the community spirit? Dance 2000 closes out the march with a massive dance party on the pier. Catch the fireworks and the men under the stars for one of the biggest parties of the week. Circuit DJ extraordinaire David Knapp commandeers the decks, plus house music marvels Joi Cardwell and Byron Stingley serve up their astounding range of lustrous vocal finesse. June 25 at 4:30, Pier 54, W 13th by the West Side Hwy, 1-800-494-8497.

Lesbians of Color Fourth Annual Gay Pride Extravaganza

Another year for the all-night Pride celebration tailored expressly for black women. Bold comedienne Annie McKnight hosts and tickles funny bones as she introduces the line of special, um, entertainers (show starts at 1). DJ Chyna supplies the beats. June 25 at 9, Twirl, 208 W 23rd, 691-7685. $15.

31st Annual Lesbian & Gay Pride March

This is it: the centerpiece of our annual exclamation of who we are in this country, the symbolic marker to reassess where we queer folks are going. Come with a halfhearted languor to your step, wary of floats that feature aimless queens zoned out from the night before, twirling in cutoffs. Leave with a feeling of joy and inexplicable elation, astounded by the wide, loud diversity of people in the world community of queers that shows just how big and fabulous “out and proud” actually is. Moment of Silence for those lost to AIDS at 2. Log on to www.nycpride.org for info. June 25 at noon, 52nd and Fifth Ave, reviewing stand at Madison Square Park (27th and Fifth Ave), 807-7433 (80-PRIDE).

Brown Party 10: I Speak for the Trees

The parade over and no place to sing to Mother Earth? O wallowing sprite, don’t feel neglected. Gays who’d feel more at home at a twilight gathering for the summer solstice than at a circuit party can take solace at Mother, where the city’s kookiest gay night returns. This year, the color-theme party from hell embraces the joys of eco-activism. Mother mcs Hattie Hathaway and Empress Domination are joined by Justin Bond and Lily of the Valley, who take on the role of Flora and Fauna. Pagan female violinists Carrie Carlyle and Mistress Kaos provide the tunes. Wear brown—tree bark if you have it. June 27 at 10:30, 432 W 14th, 366-5680.

Emmanuel Xavier+Erasmo Guerra+C. Bar Cole

Three young gay authors present their latest work, Christ-Like, Latin Lovers: True Stories of Latin Men in Love, and Briefly Told Lives, respectively, June 27 at 7:30, Barnes & Noble, 675 Sixth Ave, 727-1227. (Lou Bardel)

Mark Richard Zubro

Reads from One Dead Drag Queen, the story of man-boy love embroiled in the aftermath of a gruesome death, June 27 at 7, A Different Light, 151 W 19th, 989-4850. (Bardel)

Briefs are by José Germosén unless otherwise noted.

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