If you haven’t been to yet, you’re not only missing the best Bush-bashing Web site, you’re missing the best online parody of any candidate. Decorated with (supposedly) doctored photos of Dubya indulging in a certain white powder, the site earned Bush’s wrath when it first sprang up last year. The pol tried to have it snuffed, declaring, “There ought to be limits to freedom.” If there’s any justice in the world, this will be the quote for which Dubya is remembered. (Hey, at least it’s grammatically correct.)

Luckily, survived the attacks and is still going strong. Not only is the site raising money to air commercials that slam Shrub on the coke question, his heroic service in the Texas National Guard during Vietnam, and his ability to get into Yale even though he was a stunningly average high school student, it now has the scoop on the Bush/Elián ticket, plus “Fear and Loathing in East Texas,” a wicked look at the “lost years” of 1968-74. And don’t miss the streaming video footage of Bush picking his nose at a Rangers game.

Alternative to the alternative? Available in Chinese and English, thrashes the veep on his lies, scandals, and hypocrisy. You’ll find it’s surprisingly hard to answer the quiz that asks you whether certain quotes are taken from Gore’s book Earth in the Balance or the Unabomber’s manifesto.