At last, a UFO site that captures the complexity, enthusiasm, and spookiness of its subject. AlienZoo ( has spiffy design and the obligatory “community” features—e-mail, chat, message boards, e-postcards (yawn)—plus some neat bells and whistles (Net-O-Matic is particularly fond of the interactive Flash animation that lets you try your hand at an alien autopsy). But the real draws are the Zoo’s research center, newsfeed, and columnists.

In the research center, you can trawl through photos of UFOs and crop circles, hundreds upon hundreds of eyewitness accounts arranged by location and date, and opinionated listings of important Web sites. AlienZoo’s newsfeed is a smorgasbord of articles about UFOs, science fiction, and aerospace. The latest Star Wars casting from Daily Variety, a UFO sighting in a Russian village from Tass, and the discovery of sugar molecules in space from The Hindu are all fodder for the site’s eclectic news mill.

The regular contributors are drawn from the A-list of The X-Files. Paul Davids—director of the Showtime movie Roswell and the cult classic Timothy Leary’s Dead—keeps an eye on pop culture in Flying Saucers Over Hollywood!, attorney Peter Gersten updates us on the struggle to pry UFO information loose from the government, and astrophysicist Dr. Jean-Marc Perelmuter makes astronomy accessible to ordinary earthlings.

Jim Marrs—who has penned two classic books, including the JFK tome Crossfire—shakes things up by looking at incidents that have been swept under the rug of our collective memory. Do you have a logical explanation for the objects that buzzed the White House and other parts of D.C. in July 1952? Not only were they seen by thousands of citizens, including pilots and air traffic controllers, but they showed up on the radar at Andrews Air Force Base and Washington National Airport.

Such undeniable events provide evidence that something weird is going on, and luckily AlienZoo is there to cover it from all angles.

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