It’s time to unwind with some old-fashioned violent wish fulfillment. You may think we’re hopelessly adolescent because we enjoy beating the shit out of a virtual Bill Gates or watching Rosie O’Donnell getting eaten by King Kong, but when you’re by yourself, we bet you’ll be visiting

The site’s Flash games aren’t the most sophisticated in the world, but where else can you play “Raging Bill,” a first-person boxing game that lets you smack down the world’s richest man? Once you’ve softened him up with an endless series of blows to the head and body, hit him below the belt and watch him crumple. Anyone over the age of 10 who had to suffer through the latest Star Wars flick will love the trilogy of games that lets you snuff Jar Jar Binks in creative ways. We’re partial to decapitation by light saber.

If you’d rather just watch the mayhem, play animated shorts of 16 annoying celebrities getting snuffed. The quality is uneven, but some of the standouts show the Titanic smooshing Celine Dion like a bug, Marilyn Manson getting catapulted into a wall, Jerry Springer taking a flying chair to the skull, and Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky getting slapped by a presidential hand.

Linda and Monica make a more substantial appearance in the movie section of IdleWorm, where you can watch them perform a striptease, if you dare. The Ally McBeal and Lord of the Dance spoofs are weak, but the Microsoft commercial parody—which constantly asks, “Do you wish to transfer your bank balance to Microsoft?”—is dead-on.

Some of the targets of IdleWorm could stand updating. It’d be funnier to see the Teletubbies, rather than that has-been Barney, in front of a firing squad, and it’s now Britney Spears, not the Spice Girls, who needs to get smashed by a wrecking ball. Despite its flaws, IdleWorm still provides a guiltily enjoyable outlet for your pent-up hostilities.

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