Boomer Crooners


Vince (Armand Assante) is a widowed 50-year-old Brooklyn bartender whose life revolves around his two sons and his leukemia-stricken daughter. He is embarrassed of his youthful days as the lead singer for Vinnie and the Dreamers, a doo-wop troupe that crooned its way to the top of the charts in the mid ’60s. Thirty years later, the middle-aged ex-bandmates share forlorn recollections of their former stardom (“fucked-up memories,” in Vince’s case); a reunion with the group and a new love (Diane Venora) revives Vince’s enthusiasm and encourages him to appreciate his past. Helped by strong supporting performances (notably by David Vadim and Christy Romano), Echo offers a convincing portrayal of nostalgia for lost glory days and a considered take on a father’s relationship with his children. But the stream of sentimentality is endless and often sickly, and the warm afterglow is decidedly manufactured.

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