New Year Revolutions


For the biggest clubbing weekend of the year, most of you (smart) New Yorkers are probably hightailing it out of town, but in the event that you choose to stay and brave the onslaught of folks with big Jersey hair or heavy Long Island accents and other alien life forms, there’s still hope that good music will save you from an annoying crowd.

Those with ants in their pants can begin doing their heads in on Thursday night at Flyer magazine’s Mile High Club bash, featuring electro-techno god KURTIS MANTRONIK and turntablist DJ P. Thursday @ 10, Fun, 130 Madison Street, at Pike, 964-0303.

Trek over to the recharged LimeLight—which seems almost unstoppable since it’s started to highlight good music. Kicking off with a special version of Global Bass called, appropriately, Holiday Bass, this go-round features the funky, slinky, poppy, jazzy side of d’n’b, with SHY FX of “Bambaataa” fame; PESHAY, the man who’s so jazzy he makes Roni Size jealous; plus jump-up kings APHRODITE and MICKEY FINN, East Side Recordings’ A-SIDES, and the one and only motormouth MC SKIBADEE. One thing’s for sure, you won’t hear any heavy-metal jungle for this outing. Thursday @ 10. Friday @ 10 showcases New York garage-house DJ ANGEL MORAES, with Chicago’s badass diva DAYHOTA doing damage on the decks. Saturday @ 10, the club plays host to one of the biggest tech-house jocks, MR. C., the resident DJ from the U.K. club the End. (Old-timers out there might remember him from his days with the Shamen.) He’s assisted by Sonic Groove’s FRANKIE BONES and ADAM X, whose tough-guy techno might frighten the bejesus out of the bridge-and-tunnel set, who won’t know what hit them (what—no Madonna remixes?). LimeLight, 660 Sixth Avenue, 807-7780.

Detroit techno takes over the Tunnel (maybe they are getting a clue, too?), with two-thirds of the legendary trio in attendance, JUAN ATKINS and KEVIN SAUNDERSON. Friday @ 10, Tunnel, 220 Twelfth Avenue, 695-4682.

DANNY TENAGLIA, the coolest superstar DJ that New York has to offer, might also be one of the hardest working. This weekend he plays two marathon sets. His regular Friday night gig, Be Yourself, rages on, and then—presumably after resting for three or four hours—he gives it another go for a New Year’s Eve special edition called Not Be Yourself. Friday and Sunday @ 10, Vinyl, 6 Hubert Street, 981-8703. Mr. Tenaglia goes head-to-head with his archrival, JUNIOR VASQUEZ, who’s also treating his minions to a bazillion-hour-long set over at Twilo. Mr. Vasquez has once again demonstrated his tremendous knack for humility by naming his New Year’s special, ahem, Twilo of the Gods. Yes, perfect. Sunday @ 10, Twilo, 530 West 27th Street, 268-1600.

Twilo’s also the site of a GROOVE ARMADA residency—the groovy twosome return for a pre-New Year’s shakeup (Saturday @ 11), while all 100 of us 2steppers of the world can unite for another installment of Drive By, with the ever reliable DINESH and REID SPEED at the helm (Saturday @ 10, Chelsea Lounge, 154 West 26th Street, 560-0951).

For New Year’s Eve proper, techno fiends will be delighted to discover that they have not one, but two options. The Foundation crew resurrect their popular and high-quality series, Trü Skül, with Detroit’s dexterous DJ DAN BELL. Expect live techno bizness from FUNCTION, plus sets from DAVE HOLLANDS and KIMYON. The venue has a cabaret license, which means you won’t be breaking any laws (though you might start breaking some furniture with Bell behind the tables). Sunday @ 10, Fun. Technophiles can also catch an all-star New Yawk City roster that fea-tures FRANKIE BONES, ADAM X, and HEATHER HART, plus DJ DINKY and tech-house god CASEY HOGAN (and many others), at a party hosted by one of New York’s (and the country’s) premier techno wax shops, Sonic Groove. “No overpriced club bullshit!” as the voicemail message says—and they are indeed keepin’ it real: No location infor-mation will be announced till the night of the show. Sunday, call 675-5284 for more info.

The swankest event of the evening is hosted by the Miami-based superclub GrooveJet. Long a bastion of très cool fashionistas and DJ culture sluts, the club opens its doors in NYC with a bang with 2step’s crown prince, MJ COLE, headlining. Mr. Cole’s supersmooth, sexed-up beats offer a mighty contrast to the other headliners: ALEX GIFFORD of Propellerheads, who’s known for bang-it-up big beat; the sophisticated down-tempos and deep beats of JAZZANOVA; and the nostalgic return of old-skool hip-hop crew the JUNGLE BROTHERS. You may wonder, “What were they thinking?” in terms of musical alignment, but that’s nothing one or two bottles of expensive champagne can’t change. Bring it on. Sunday @ 10, Angel Orensanz Center for the Arts, 172 Norfolk Street, 439-5996.

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