Slim pickins this week, folks, as our overworked promoters and DJs are taking a much needed rest, but a few people have tricks up their sleeves. The tireless Foundation crew, working long hours to bring good techno to the masses, do it again for their new party, Capricorn Rising. The first shindig starts off with NYC superhero and all-around guy John Selway, who will be breaking out his special slices of techno and electro to massage your ears. Tech house and minimal techno come courtesy of Alexi Delano, plus the triple threat of Mike Bryant, Kimyon, and Rich B. Capricorns get in for five bucks with proof of birthday. Damn! Friday @ 10. Centro-fly inherits yet another delectable night, Air India which promises a “live sitar beatbox freakout” from the Dum Dum project and the Grooovysoundsystem. The Asian underground takes up its new residence in the swanky Tapioca Room. Wednesdays @ 9, Centro-fly, 45 W 21st, 627-7770

ISM’assive’s Friday-night special continues with junglists delMar and Joshua Lorr. But fear not: Breakbeats of all flavas and shapes and sizes are welcomed with open arms in the ISM family, as head ISM-man Swingsett will tell you. Catch them this week, though, because the posse is taking next week off. Friday @ 12, Fun, 130 Madison St, 964-0303.

I’m highly in favor of not leaving Brooklyn for the weekends, so it’s with great excitement that I greet the arrival of Come. One of New York’s mainstays, DB, is joined by one of the city’s freshest faces, Reid Speed, for the party, a new Brooklyn-based 2step garage and deep house extravaganza. Chris “Love” Kausch joins the two breakbeat sluts for the night which is brought to you by the fine folks at Breakbeat Science, Stuck on Earth, and NYC 2step. Fridays @ 10, Level X, 107 N 6th, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 718-780-4614.