NAACP, ACLU File Suit Over Florida Election


JANUARY 10—Along with a Florida woman who says she wasn’t allowed to vote in the presidential election, the NAACP, the ACLU, and a collection of other civil rights groups have filed suit in federal district court over alleged violations of the Voting Rights Act.

The suit, filed in Florida, seeks to throw out the use of punch-card voting machines—which this year resulted in enough disqualified ballots to tip the election results—and to establish a uniform method of voting in every precinct. The plaintiffs also want the government to give poll workers better training in an effort to ensure equal access to the ballot box. They claim thousands of African Americans and Haitian Americans, among others, were denied the right to vote.

The other groups involved in the suit include the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, the Advancement Project, and People for the American Way.