Centro-fly packs a one-two punch this week. Chicago’s bang-it-up-jack-your-body house guru Derrick Carter returns to Subliminal Sessions—his famed third turntable likely to be hooked up for your pleasure. Mr. Carter’s flawless mixing and boundless energy has made him a household name and one of the most sought after DJs on the planet. He’ll be joined by Subliminal Records boss, Erick Morillo. Sure to ruin your Friday morning, but hopefully you’ll be able to save some steam for the extra special edition of N’ICE. San Francisco invades the New York club as the infamous Wicked Crew commence destroying your chances of enjoying the rest of the weekend. Alone, Jeno, Garth, Markie and Thomas do serious damage, so getting all four of the deep house jocks in the same room is something close to heaven. (Confession: The first time I saw Jeno spin four years ago, I must have hit the floor face down, I’d never heard anything like it.) Although the four jocks may have very distinct styles, they nevertheless complement each other without becoming a soundclash. Thomas’s quirky anything goes mix’n’match of tracks, from Kraftwerk to Men Without Hats, feels right at home with Jeno’s percolating, beneath-the-surface psychedelic bubbles of four-to-the-floor. My knees are shakin’ just thinking about it. Subliminal Sessions, Thursday @ 10. N’ICE, Friday @ 10, Centro-fly, 45 W 21st, 627-7770.

Giant Step Records Weekly Sessions gets deep and delicious with Philly’s soulman King Britt at the helm, sharing the turntable time with resident house jock Ron Trent. Adding a welcome dimension to the evermundane clubbing experience will be Halcyon’s Oliver Vernon, who besides being a talented DJ, is also an amazing painter. Thursday @ 10, Shine, 285 W Broadway at Canal, 941-0900

Last but not least, Global Bass returns. If you hate all those supershredded, hard-as-hell death metal basslines that have taken over drum’n’bass lately, blame the Bad Company boys, as they singlehandedly turned the genre upside down with “The Nine” and “The Pulse” a few years back. Though they’ve shown indications on record that they are moving away from the rockist vantage point, live, they are sure to let it all hang out. With Brockie, Bristol gal Dazee and her MC Chicaboo; plus the man with the fastest tongue in the biz, Skibadee, who rhymes just like his name implies. Thursday @ 10, Limelight, 660 Sixth Ave, 807-7780.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 6, 2001

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