Urban Legend Reference Pages


Admittedly, the name Urban Legend Reference Pages doesn’t sound like it promises tons o’ fun, but this myth-busting site, found at, will fuel your cubicle chatter for ages. The husband-and-wife team behind the site euthanize tall tales, like the ones about the restaurant that served food containing semen from several men, the stray dog that turned out to be a sewer rat, and the stoned baby-sitter who cooked a baby.

In one fell swoop, you can find out that the suicide rate doesn’t increase during the holiday season, Keith Richards did not have all of his blood replaced at a Swiss clinic treating him for heroin addiction, and eelskin wallets don’t demagnetize credit card strips.

Those with a cynical nature will be at least as surprised to find out which legends and rumors are true. A Marlboro man actually died of lung cancer, a married couple accidentally returned a homemade sex tape of themselves to a video store, and porn star Marilyn Chambers did appear on the Ivory Snow box.

Sometimes it’s not possible to render a verdict on a rumor, so this site lets us judge for ourselves. Did a 1975 Sears catalog show an underwear model’s penis peeking out of his boxers, or was it just a photographic imperfection, as the company claims? Look at the scanned image and make the call. Did Donald Duck really use a racist slur against Daffy Duck in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? We’ll never know, but it sure sounds like it when you play the sound file.

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