I think we can all agree that Valentine’s Day sucks, so why not celebrate how much we can’t stand it together. Thankfully there’s Love Sucks, which promises to be a lighthearted techno affair with Koose, Adam X, Function, and Alan Sax (billed respectively as “some old shit,” “some other shit,” “some next shit,” and “not trance”). If those stunningly accurate descriptions don’t clarify things for you, maybe I can help: Whatever they play, I guarantee you it’ll be the shit. Everyone clear on that? Now go home and sob in your pillow. Wednesday (Goddamn Valentine’s Day) @ 10, FUN, 130 Madison, 946-1955.

Those of you with love in your heart (or a hard-on) can join DJ Seoul for a special lovey night called Release (release what? I wonder). You’ll spot some of the usual Direct Drive playas, like Doomer and Carol C, but this time around the double divas aren’t spinning d’n’b, but electro/breaks and house. They’ll be joined by Deep Unda Brooklyn’s Mr. Robb and Sleepyface, and their deep, bubbly house beats. Saturday @ 10, Baktun, 418 W 14th, 613-0900,

That smarty-pants crew, Soundlab, and at it again, giving parties clever names like Romancing the Tone and booking chin-scratchers/mind-blowers/sonic ear-massagers like Singe & Verb, Val, Czko, as well as electro/techno/booty-shakers like Ulysses, Malik, and Duane, for the sole reason that they want to increase your Quality of Life. Live sets coming at ya courtesy of Danny Wang and Timeblind. Saturday @10, 353 Broadway, between Franklin and Leonard, 726-1724,

And finally, the two nicest and hardest-working superstar DJs in the world are teaming up to obliterate the fine Twilo sound system. In a rare appearance at his old home, Danny Tenaglia pairs up with Carl Cox. But don’t get too excited; this does not mean Tenaglia’s residency at Vinyl is over (and who would want it to end, anyway?), but this is a rare chance to soak up all his glorious records on the best system in the city (and maybe the country). Sunday @ 11, Twilo, 530 W 27th, 268-1600.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 13, 2001

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