While Miss Junior still reigns su-preme in the wee hours of Sunday morning, the pre-Vasquez parties on Saturday nights are reinvigorating the embattled superclub, which has been upstaged as of late by the Limelight. The Respect is Burning Series is the best of the pre-funks with Dimitri From Paris’s svelte, kooky, French-kissed house music trembling through Twilo’s gargantuan system. Mr. Dimitri’s bubbly, fun funk is a welcome change from the ever increasing roster of trance and so-called “progressive” house DJs who’ve bombarded and misused Twilo’s fab soundsystem. More substance, less style, please. Saturday @ 10, Twilo, 530 W 27th, 268-1600.

Flyer mag freakers can join the purveyors of good taste at the Mile High Club monthly which finds Detroit-based Blake Baxter headlining. (I don’t know why all the Detroit masters don’t just get a second apartment in the city, since so many of them have been swooping down and blessing this place with their sweet future soul.) Baxter injects a little sex-style in the normally stoic world of techno, and with influences like Prince and Parliament, he’s a natural. Thursday @ 10, FUN, 130 Madison, 989-6363.

Despite the conventional wisdom, the grass isn’t always greener. While superclubs obsess on U.K. this or European that, the folks behind Tronic Treatment know that sometimes the best thing going is right under your nose or in your own backyard. The Sonic Groove posse-Frankie Bones, Adam X, and Heather Heart-take a breather from their never-ending globetrotting to treat the home crowd to their specialty of New Yawk bangin’ techno. Monday @ 10, Guernica, 25 Ave B, 674-0984.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 20, 2001

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