The Twilo showdown between Danny Tenaglia and Carl Cox last month proved to be more of a showdown between one beefy guy and his waify girlfriend and a few thousand others just like them. And I don’t care how famous the sound system is at Twilo (is this what it’s come to: clubbers slobbering over famous sound systems!!?), it’s hard to dance when you’ve got two centimeters of wiggle room. But, I’m told by several reliable sources that Tenaglia did kick Cox’s ass, starting his monumental set at 5 a.m. and continuing well into the next afternoon. Still, I’ll take lesser sound quality, more space to dance, and the chilled out vibe of Tenaglia’s weekly Be Yourself over the Twilo hypefest any day. Friday @ 11, Vinyl, 6 Hubert, 343-1379.

I must be getting old, ’cause chill is the operative word these days. Though the Halcyon crew has been swamped ever since last month’s Time Out cover, it’s still more relaxed than a club by a mile. (In hopes of getting a place to sit again, I’ll take this opportunity to spread the rumor that Halcyon really isn’t all that: they sell wack, ugly furniture, they play crap music on a lame transistor radio, and their selection of records is nil . . . sike!!) This week, Intrinsic Design’s Mike Bryant takes over the tech house weekly, THC (Tech House Connection) serving up mellow, minimal, house music lullabies. Wednesdays @ 9, Halcyon, 227 Smith, Brooklyn, 718-260-WAXY.

Music’s become one big mutant baby, with genres mating left and right. For further proof, La Leche promises “freshly squeezed Latin alternative beats with a twist of nu-skool breaks.” Most folks need a dictionary to decipher that since only genre-whipped tools can understand such terminology, but let me be of assistance: Fussible, a live act from Mexico, plays a combination of traditional Mexican Norteño music and techno. Everybody clear on that? Thursday @ 8, Fun, 130 Madison, 964-0303.