FILM: Crouching Pussycats, Hidden Gems by Michael Atkinson

Moviegoers Avoid Big-Budget Pitfalls

ROCK: Live and Erect by Chuck Eddy

Rock And Rap Shows Bed-Spring Into Action

JAZZ: Heavy Duty by Gary Giddins

Jazz Mainstays Boost The Voltage

CLUBS: New Dawn by Tricia Romano

City Clubs Take Back The Night

CLASSICAL: Roll Over Beethoven by Leighton Kerner

Progressives Shake Up Classical Music

ART: Lock and Load by Kim Levin

Art’s Bad Boys Mark Their Targets

PHOTO: Perpetual Motion by Vince Aletti

Photography, Already Zooming, Gathers Speed

THEATER: Strindberg Man by Michael Feingold

Where Genius And Problem Case Meet

DANCE: Space Race by Elizabeth Zimmer

Choreographers Compete For New Digs

READINGS: Reading Rainbow by Michael Miller and Lenora Todaro

The Season’s Topics Cover the Spectrum