If it seems like New York’s a ghost town all of a sudden, that’s because it is. All the music industry wankers (including yours truly) have headed south for the annual Winter Music Conference, taking every superstar DJ, producer, and record-label honcho with them. The folks at Mon-Daze know how you feel and are hosting a special edition called Fuck WMC Fest with special guest DJ Brian. It’s a deep house night, so you can flip the bird to all the monkeys paying $300 to see Tenaglia spin for 80 hours while you get to hear NY-flava house for only $5. Monday @ 10, Sapphire Lounge, 249 Eldridge, 777-5153.

You’ve heard of tech-step, 2step, and half-step, but I bet you’ve never heard of Ape-Tech. Those techno jokers Silver and Don Rainwater have never heard of it either, but that’s what they’re calling their new night. Expect straight-up ballsy techno from the devilish duo (despite Voice jock Rainwater’s newly found devotion to what he terms “deep house love”). Thursday @ 10, Bar 169, 169 E Broadway, 473-8866.

Speaking of hairsplitting genres, whatever happened to big beat? Plant hosts Wall of Sound’s Jon Carter, the Dirty Beatniks, and Medicine for a special non-house edition of the popular, long-running weekly. Saturday @10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 627-7770.

The city’s only open-turntable affair, Scatalogics, hosts Temple Records’ favorite tech-house (damn these micro-genres!) jock, Plexus—who’ll be spinning his specialty of subterranean minimal house. All aspiring bedroom DJs should come early to sign up. Mondays @ 9, Rivertown Lounge, 187 Orchard, 539-4591.

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