Not content with selling out the Limelight once a month, the promoters behind the Global Bass series have decided that Roseland needs to be conquered with the largest drum’n’bass lineup they can muster. The World of Drum and Bass features most the DJs who took the trip down to Miami for the annual event of the same name, including the double dons of d’n’b, Grooverider and Fabio, who pair up for what must be the bazillionth time. But no matter-if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and the pairing works fabulously: Groove’s dark, devilish side is offset nicely by Fabio’s liquid soul. The queen diva of jungle, DJ Rap does her amen-roller, jump-up thing with her cohorts, Kenny Ken of Formation Records, Twisted Individual, and SS. Shy FX (remember “Bambaataa”?) joins them, with supa MCs GQ, Skibadee, and Warren G on the mic. Escaping the segregation of the U.S.-vs-Brit lineup is DJ Craze, the three-time DMC champ who will bury most of the U.K. jocks with his virtuoso skills. The promoters were nice enough to include some of America’s finest on the bill, like Breakbeat Science’s Dara and Phunkateck’s E-Sassin, but sorry, boys: You’ll have to play in the other room. Friday @ 9, Roseland Ballroom, 239 W 52nd, 802-9268.

Sasha and Diggers, fortunately, get the whole place to themselves. As well they should, since they are celebrating their four-year anniversary of spinning at Twilo. They popped New York City’s trance cherry, and now we have them to blame for all the trance and prog house invading the clubs. Thankfully, the superstars are smart enough to recognize that stagnation is death in DJ’ing and have switched up their sound to include breaks, deep house, and tech-house. Sasha and Diggers are the only trance DJs yours truly can stomach, but then, they don’t really play trance anymore, which would explain why I like ’em so much. Friday @ 11, Twilo, 530 W 27th, 268-1600.

Though Halcyon is not a club, events like this Saturday’s Monsters of Tech-House make you wish the organizers would just open a superclub and put the others out of business. While most people think tech-house producer Terry Lee Brown Jr. is a black guy from Detroit, he’s actually a white German dude (oh, those German jokesters!). But you can’t fault folks for falling for his tricks, since the music has an undeniable Detroit influence. Others on the mini-monster tour include Hakan Lidbo, who records for three of the finest tech-house labels in existence, Fiji, Paper, and Loaded; plus locals Mike Bryant and Ulysses. Saturday @ 9, Halcyon, 227 Smith, Brooklyn, 718-260-WAXY.

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