It seems that promoters and DJs are ever eager to utilize Centro-fly’s newest addition—a whole new dancefloor downstairs, dubbed the “Pinky” room. And it’s being put to good use: Left-of-center music already seems to be its hallmark, as the Trü Skül posse welcome back Japan’s biggest superstar, techno DJ Ken Ishii. Ken Ishii is so famous in his homeland that he gets mobbed like a Backstreet Boy, but in New York he’ll have to settle for a few head nods from jaded New Yawkers fresh back from the Winter Music Conference. (Side note: Don’t feel bad if you didn’t go—it sucked.) With Kimyon and Rich Bourque. Saturday @ 10, Centro-Fly (downstairs), 45 W 21st, 627-7770.

The 2steppin’ soldiers Dinesh, Reid Speed, and Tom H. host another Drive By with big-shot U.K. artists Artful Dodger in Centro-fly’s swanky new space. Though Artful Dodger of “Re-rewind” fame lack the finesse and sophistication of fellow garidge producer MJ Cole, they make do by making the booty move. Friday @ 10, Centro-fly (downstairs), 24 W 21st, 627-7770.

Why spend 30 bucks to see the same marquee DJs spin at overcrowded nightclubs when you can pay only $5—and contribute to a worthy cause? A DUMBO Space is donating a portion of the proceeds to SHARE (Self-Help For Women With Breast or Ovarian Cancer). A.R.E., Weapons, Casio, Chromatix, Dots, Dribla, Johnnyrandom, and Glenn—DJs from disparate styles and scenes—come together for the cause. Friday @ 9, 65 Jay, Brooklyn, 917-209-6841

DJ Rekha, one of the few DJs to push the sound of the Asian underground—old-world Asian melodies and new-world breaks—celebrates the fourth anniversary of her club night, Basement Bhangra, this week. The mistress of ceremonies is joined by Punjabi percussionists, Dhol Foundation. Thursday @ 9, Irving Plaza, 15 Irving Pl, 252-2352.