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Just in time for spring, it’s the Education Supplement, wherein Jeff Byles profiles Berkeley’s Michael Burawoy, a sociology professor who understands globalism at the level of labor—literally; Paul LaFarge gets possessed by the spirits of automatic writing; J. Yeh explores a marginal subject; William Lin analyzes recent hits to college sports; Jessica Winter stirs up lust in the dust at Mother Yale; and Ed Park untangles the web-work of mystery writer Harry Stephen Keeler, whose motto, pace Howards End, might read: “Only connect, and connect—and connect!”

Tales of the Kefir Furnaceman By Jeff Byles

A Roving Ethnographer’s View From the Factory Floor

Stop Making Sense By Paul LaFarge

How Automatic Writing Can Free Your Mind and Change the World

Lit Gloss By J.Yeh

Taking Note of Marginalia

Who Got Game? By William S. Lin

Running the Numbers on College Sports

New Haven Vice By Jessica Winter

Secrets From the Staxxx

Web Pages By Ed Park

How H.S. Keeler Wrote Certain of his Books

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