Going Pro


The Voice takes a look at the state of professional women’s sports—Alisa Solomon follows the money; Virginia Lee Hunter snaps scenes of WUSA spring training; Jeff Z. Klein follows the bouncing soccer ball; and Joanna Cagan surveys a pro woman hoopster’s best resource—the European leagues!”

Playing for Keeps
by Alisa Solomon
Women Step It Up At the Pro Level

“Maybe it’s a good enough standard for a league to have people attend the sport and not lose money.”

Boot Camp
Photos by Virginia Lee Hunter
Spring Training, WUSA Style

Scenes of the New York Power in action, carving out new territory.

Foot Soldiers
by Jeff Z. Klein
The Launch of the WUSA Opens a New Front in Women’s Pro Sports

“We had to be sure that the best players in the world would want to play here, not just because of the level of competition, but because they would make enough money to afford to play here.”

Ballin’ Abroad
by Joanna Cagan
European Pro Leagues Still a Destination for Women Hoopsters


“The [WNBA] season is so short. You can’t sit out for eight months and expect to come back and play as hard as we do. You’re going to get hurt.”