With only one out-of-town guest to speak of, Hard Drive IV relies on hometown heroes instead of heavyweights. U.K. drum’n’bass producer John B of Beta Recordings is the sole visiting headliner, bringing his big hair and big bumping basslines to the joint. He’s joined by local jocks Pish Posh (who’s apparently emerged from hiding), Seen, JL, and Reid Speed. In the room designated for tech house, Billy Shane and Sean Hall replicate what they do for their weekly Touch parties, with Con-fu-sion mainstays Hiro, Mr. Robb, and Derick Marin lending support. Live d’n’b comes courtesy of U.V. Ray, featuring ex-Soul Coughing skin pounder, Yuval Gabay, plus more breaks from Swingsett, E. Moss, Cassady, and Takuh X. And 2step takes over as the requisite side-room fare, with junglists-turned-2steppers DB, Doomer, Still, Dinesh, and Drum One having a go at a little bling bling. Thursday @ 10, SPEEED, 20 W 39th, 613-0900.

Master of ambient drum’n’bass ceremonies, LTJ Bukem returns with old-school pioneers (and Good Looking labelmates) P.F.M.(Progressive Future Music) in tow. His trusty sidekick, MC Conrad, he of massive echo and sound effects, joins the party. Get out the champagne. Monday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 627-7770.

Hopefully the weather holds for this weekend’s annual May Day. The music isn’t exactly the hazy sort you’d want for wandering in the park, but this is New York, so you’ll get old-school/hardcore bizness from Lenny Dee and DJ Chrome (and many others)—so quit your bitching. Though a little chill-out relief might come courtesy of deep house/tech house DJs Dots and Billy Shane, the lengthy roster mostly features folks with more of an edge. Sunday from 2 to 7, Tompkins Square Park, St Marks and Avenue A, 714-4987.

R.I.P. Joey Ramone.