Although their peers lack a sense of humor when it comes to hip-hop culture (see the outraged response to the tongue-in-cheek Heineken commercial depicting the supposed origin of scratching), turntablists have no problem dishing out disses to each other—as long as it comes via vinyl with a clever twist and a flick of the wrist. Giant Step’s American Battleground 2001 showcases cuts through the pretenders and the players, putting up only the very best of the country’s turntablists to battle it out between themselves. It’s not the DMC, but it promises to be just as good with featured performers like Craze (double-trouble as junglist and hip-hopper), Swamp, P-Trix, and Radar, plus a set via satellite from the Piklz’ QBert. Friday @ 8, Irving Plaza, 17 Irving Pl, 777-6800.

The on-again, off-again techno/electro/idm specialist night Static has risen once again from the ashes of Giuliani’s burnt-out clubland, finding itself at a new spot in the East Village called OpenAir. While rotating residents Doomer, Satamile, Coin Operated and Billy Stopless keep the tables turning on the regular, this week’s special guests are also coming out of hiding: Phoenecia, a/k/a Soul Oddity, have dusted themselves off to perform a live p.a. Way back when, the duo recorded as Phoenecia for Warp (home to freak-of-all- trades Aphex Twin); later for U.S. imprint Astralwerks, they turned in minimalist electro as Soul Oddity. With Otto Von Schirach and DJ Aura. Wednesday @ 10, OpenAir, 121 St Marks Place, 946-2191.

Double your pleasure, double your fun—with guest slots from two house heros at Centro-Fly this week. The first—Marshall Jefferson—is a virtual legend, while the other—Erick Morillo—hopes to become one. Jefferson solidified his status in the electronic music pantheon as a purveyor of early acid house, aiding with Phuture’s “Acid Tracks” as well as his own singles. These days, Jefferson spins and makes house falling on the deep side with techno touches. A descendant of the Lil’ Louis Vega house lineage, Morillo—who is also the head of Subliminal Records (responsible for putting out “Big Love” a while back)—tends toward the big and bombastic, of which there is plenty on his new Subliminal mix disc. Jefferson, GBH, Friday @10; Morillo, Subliminal Sessions, Thursday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 627-7770.