Perhaps it’s just a freaky coincidence that less than a few weeks after Twilo gets shut down (probably for good), the premier underground noise terrorists in the Soundlab Cultural Alchemy crew come out of hibernation to put on a full-blown show. Illbient purveyors DJ Spooky, a/k/a tha Subliminal Kid, DJ Singe, and Verb, and Egyptian goddess Mutamassik resurrect their anti-mainstream weirdness to give Giuliani and the superclubs a middle-fingered salute. Other smarty-pants-Anti-Pop Consortium, Prozak, 8-Bit Construction, Atari v. Commodore and Cannibal Ox—join them in this revival of the arcade madness. Saturday @ 10, 353 Broadway (between Franklin & Canal).

Also out of hibernation are the Brit duo SLAM, supporting their new record, Alien Radio at the Plant weekly. Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle made tech house for the masses before that in-betweeny sound got dubiously dubbed “tech-house,” releasing an army of influential tracks on their own SOMA imprint. Saturday @ 10, FUN, 130 Madison St., 964-0303. Also at the ‘Fly: Foundation promoters bring CHIC back for a repeat, this time with deep house divas Dayhota (of Chicago’s Superjane collective) and Miss Honey Dijon. Friday @ 10.

With all the hoopla surrounding Carl Craig‘s firing at last week’s Detroit Electronic Music Festival, it’s no wonder Detroit musicians avoid playing their own country like the plague. Luckily, one Detroiter, Jeff Mills, hasn’t given up entirely on his homeland. Mills’—whose blink-and-you’ll-miss-it style of mixing usually involves a scattershot selection of records getting thrown about—has a residency at the Limelight. After Twilo’s closing, the (S)Limelight seems poised to take over as the city’s reigning superclub, (though not without a fierce battle from Centro-Fly). With Function, Alvaro Romero, and a bazillion others in the side rooms at the church-turned-club. Friday, Limelight, 660 Sixth Avenue, 807-7780.

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