Excitable Reviewers Reviewed


The critics who pop up in ads for the likes of Tomcats and Swordfish are as mysterious as they are invariably enthusiastic. You’ve seen their blurbs; here’s where you can find their work in full. Maybe.

CRITIC: Mike Cidoni, Ackerley Group Television

RECENT RECOMMENDATION: The Animal: “This season’s first fun comedy romp.”

FIND HIS VIEWS AT: Rochester’s WOKR-13 and (owned by AGT, a subdivision of Washington-based media conglom the Ackerley Group).

CRITIC: Susan Granger, SSG Syndicate

RECENT RECOMMENDATION: Swordfish: “A dynamite thriller!”

FIND HER VIEWS AT:, the Web site for her syndication network. In a telephone interview, Granger declined to name any affiliated stations or newspapers in which she appears.

CRITIC: Earl Dittman, Wireless magazine

RECENT RECOMMENDATION: A Knight’s Tale: “Simply irresistible!”

FIND HIS VIEWS AT: In a telephone interview, Dittman said he is editor in chief and film critic of Houston-based Wireless Magazines, including Wireless, Behind the Screens, Smash, and Controversy, the last of which is described at as “for the man on the go and in the know.”

CRITIC: Jeff Craig, “Sixty Second Preview”

RECENT RECOMMENDATION: 15 Minutes: “First great film of 2001!”

FIND HIS VIEWS—or those of his “freelance reviewers”—AT: his syndicated—but where?—radio show.

CRITIC: Salman Rushdie, The New York Times

RECENT RECOMMENDATION: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: “Ang Lee’s beautiful, intimate epic is a luminous work of art!”

FIND HIS VIEWS AT: PEN International Center, the film of Bridget Jones’s Diary (makes cameo appearance), back flaps of every British novel of the past seven years