For those who missed Detroit’s second installment of the DEMF a few weeks ago, never fear: The Foundation team is here for all your Detroit techno needs. They are celebrating their two-year trü skül anniversary with Underground Resistance soldier DJ Rolando (who you might remember from “Knights of the Jaguar” fame), with Foundation jocks/honchos Kimyon and Rich Bourque providing the warm-up and the cool-down. Saturday @ 10, Fun, 130 Madison, 964-0303.

In his homeland, U.K. jock Judge Jules is a virtual household name, ranking up there with Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold. Not surprisingly, Jules is part of what I like to call the London Mafia—as he, Oakie and Tong rule the school in England-taking over the clubs, the radio, and the record labels. Able to break a hit and score a high-paying gig in a single bound, Jules is one of the world’s top-ranking DJs, but, alas, his music isn’t as good as his fee is. (Less commercial filler, more choons please). Nevertheless, this does let hometown hero Liquid Todd and Philly’s Nigel Richards (of 611) a chance to give Jules a run for his money. After all, with Twilo fallen, where will all the overpaid rock stars play now? Thursday @ 9, Roxy, 515 W 18th, 627-0404.

Drum’n’bass has been taking it on the chin, lately—what with its “death” and the rise of 2step (which due to fickle clubbers, might well be gone tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath). And even though the complaints about drum’n’bass sounding too much like heavy metal are warranted, Kenny Ken’s one person who never had to answer to that particular accusation. Ken and his longtime associate, DJ SS always opt for the lighter shade of funk, slipping in a tough track when the time calls for it, but always stay careful to avoid monotony by playing lots of amens and a little jump-up to present a more soulful sound. The night-which is hosted by those old folks at Breakbeat Science (they are turning five!)—also features one of the country’s best d’n’b DJs, Dara, and locals Quartz, Clever, and Seoul. Thursday @ 10, Pinky, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 627-7770.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on June 12, 2001

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