If you think only drag queens get all the good times, think again: The city’s drag kings celebrate Gay Pride Week with their fifth annual, post-Gay Pride show, The New Kings on the Block, a machismo extravaganza certain to send Chelsea boys scampering. Along with New York’s finest host with the most, Murray Hill, other up-and-comers and old-timers take the stage, including Dred, Sir Lix-a-lot, Dee Trayn and Pink Trasy, Loretta, Backdoor Boys, Murrayettes, and the House of Ma. Special appearance by infamous sleazebag Mo B. Dick. Tuesday @ 10, Siren, 12 St Marks, 995-9100.

Other girly action this week can be found at the trusty, slutty weekly, Gloss: which just might have more hotties per square inch than any other dyke hangout (too bad they all come with their girlfriends!). Check out Gloss mainstays Rachael, Chloé, Maine and DJ BK Brewster and posse. Thursdays @ 10, Meow Mix, 269 East Houston, 254-0688. See the Pride Guide for more info.

Super-geeky techno fanatics get double doses of nerdiness. First up: a continuation of Creative Time’s brilliant Anchorage series, which just hosted Thomas Brinkmann. This go-round is a little more visual, but just as abstract, thanks to N-tune artists Hexstatic, whose daring disc Rewind fuses music and video on CD-ROM. They’re joined by Battery Operated, Unit with Kurt Ralske and Lukasz Lysakowski, with videos from Honest. Thursday @ 10, the Anchorage, Hicks and Old Front streets, Brooklyn.

The next night, head over to the Warp records showcase presented by Other Music. Warp, you may remember, serves as a twisted roost of one Richard D. James and boasts many artists just as mind-fucked, among them one of tonight’s headliners, the mighty Squarepusher. Mr. ‘pusher, has forged ahead in total techno and breakbeat terrorism-harder and faster. Keith Tenniswood of Two Lone Swordsmen might actually allow audience members a few moments of dancing time, thanks to his wicked electro. Also: Richard Devine, Chris Clark, and Anti-Pop Consortium. Friday @ 8, Frying Pan, Chelsea Piers Pier 63, 989-6363.